Orange 2021 Research Exhibition: let’s prepare for the future!

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This year, the exhibition has taken place on 23 and 24 March 2021, in a fully digital format. As in previous years, it serves as an opportunity for Orange researchers to share their expertise, their views and even their dreams around different topics related to innovation. This event is structured around three themes: 1- Ambient intelligence, which describes a gentle artificial intelligence (AI) that is protective of our privacy thanks to useful applications. 2- The carrier of the future, which uses the power of AI and software to create more efficient, resilient and environmentally friendly connectivity. This theme also touches on 6G. 3- Responsible, sustainable and in situ digital technology. Researchers are working on ethical AI, which addresses issues related to inclusion and the environment. Through demos and conferences full of technological promise, the exhibition in particular envisions a responsible, ethical and inclusive digital future.