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Welcome to the world to come.

A world in which research and innovation occupy an increasingly crucial position. A world driven by digital technology and new ones to come, where everything is rapidly transforming, at the scale of the individual, society and even at the scale of the planet.

Here, at Hello Future, we welcome this world to come. Without fear or naivety. With clarity and confidence.

Here, we want to share an optimistic and positive vision of the future. We have called this vision “Human Inside“; it guides our approach and our actions, and can be summed up in one simple concept: the human being as the starting and end point of our actions.

Here, we also express our convictions:

Technology only becomes progress when it starts with and serves humans.

Our role is to foster innovative and responsible uses of digital technology, to make innovations as widely accessible as possible, to put the power of the digital at the service of a reinvented citizenship.

In this space of dialogue and debate, we present our research and innovation developments, consistent with the expression of our vision and our convictions. We organized our content through three pillars:

Better me“. Technology should help us cultivate everybody’s potential, whilst at the same time guaranteeing our autonomy and empowering us to maintain control over our lives. It should be as widely accessible as possible, and allow us to curate and protect everyone’s digital capital.

Smarter society“. Digital technology should be a great opportunity to build a more intelligent, more responsible and inclusive society. Thus enabling the emergence of new trade methods and new social or business contracts.

Augmented planet“. Innovation should contribute to an ever-more connected planet but also one that is more balanced, a planet that is made more intelligent by technology, all the while working to preserve increasingly scarce natural resources.

Periods of transformation and acceleration have always raised questions. Our era will be no exception to the rule and this is a good thing.

Hello Future, welcome to the world of tomorrow.