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Cybersecurity: building a secure digital society

“There is one cyber attack every 39 seconds around the world”.

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5G arrives in Le Havre: optimised communications and a Smart Port on the horizon

5G has arrived safely In March 2021, Orange’s 5G network reached the majority of the Port of Le Havre, France’s leading container port for foreign trade, heralding the arrival of new services for harbour users.  From experimentation to standardisation The benefits and potential applications of 5G were researched and analysed prior to its deployment in […]

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Why quantum internet is moving us

Teleportation is no longer only associated with science fiction. Today it is now possible in a kind of reality, more precisely in the infinitely small and in quantum bits in particular, which are known as qubits. Where digital information is based on bits – strings of 0s and 1s – qubits are superpositions of 0s […]

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5 cutting-edge technologies that are changing the game

Energy: blockchain is speeding up microgrids The features of blockchain could be a lever for modernising the energy system. Blockchain enables the distributed, secure, transparent recording and storage of energy and transaction flows. It can be used to track energy consumption in real time or to have knowledge of the asset portfolios of all participants. […]

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Folder: The new paradigm of cryptography

The increase in “deep fakes”, fraud, and cybercrime is threatening trust in the sincerity of the transactions that enable society to run on a daily basis, as well as in innovation and technical progress. The certification of data and transactions therefore remains essential, and cryptography meets this requirement. Its keys protect messages, thus guaranteeing the […]

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Folder: Blockchain, from promises to results

Blockchain technology could profoundly alter the performance of many sectors of the economy, starting with banking, insurance and logistics. Concrete use cases are being planned. However, few players have developed revolutionary solutions and the potential of blockchain technology is still difficult to grasp.

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Quantum computing is breaking down the barriers of cryptography

When postulating that the number of transistors on a chip would double every year, cofounder of Intel Gordon Moore predicted that the industry would reach a physical limit around 2020, that of the size of atoms. Quantum physics, which studies atom behaviour, is being called upon to extend “Moore’s law”. Applied to computing, the quantum […]

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KeeeX, the startup that enables document certification

How did your startup, KeeeX, come to be? Originally, the idea was to turn any type of document into an “augmented” file via technical metadata and proofs of integrity, identity and date, a file whose cryptographic fingerprint could be anchored, or not, in the blockchain. Our added value lies in the fact that the proofs […]

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The crypto ecosystem breaks out of its bubble

The cryptoassets universe generates value in the traditional economy, particularly through the new uses that established players are making of blockchain.

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How Artificial Intelligence is accelerating cybersecurity analysts’ work

Created through a transversal research project involving different teams of experts from Orange, the DILAN solution uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automatically detect suspicious network flows and report them to cybersecurity analysts.

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Le Vote provides renewed energy for digital and local democracy

Le Vote, a fully digital solution based on blockchain technology, consists of a website for elected representatives and a mobile app for the public.

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GDPR: behind the regulation lies an opportunity for businesses

Some businesses are worried about the investment that will be required to comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR). Ludovic Lévy, Vice President, Group Data Strategy & Governance at Orange, sees it as more of an opportunity.