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Materializing data to understand it better

Physical representations have existed for millennia. Before the invention of writing, early civilizations used various objects – pebbles, ropes, etc. – to pass on information, stimulate thought, and improve cognitive ability. The most often quoted example is that of the Mesopotamian clay tokens (calculi), used in 4,000 BCE for accounting, and whose shape varied according […]

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Eye Health at Work Supported by a Chatbot

“Companies provide employees with computers but give them no guidance on best practices for avoiding eye damage,” says Nathalie Willart, orthoptist and Founder of Coach For Eyes. “In companies today, more than 70% of employees complain of eyestrain,” she adds. This issue is exacerbated by employees’ overexposure to digital technology. To mitigate the risks inherent […]

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Digital learning: the health crisis imposes the virtual classroom

Training has most certainly been the HR process most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses had to abandon in-person training overnight and massively switch to online training. This paradigm shift took place precisely at a time when they had a considerable need for training. Indeed, with the generalization of teleworking, there was a need to […]

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CNCF: A Co-Innovation Space at the Heart of the Cloud Native Revolution

Cloud Native technologies enable companies to enhance their business agility and innovation, helping them adapt to their market. Cloud Native is an extension of the infrastructure services provided by cloud computing, including access to storage, memory, networks and so on, in an ‘as-a-Service’ model. “Cloud Native promotes agile and modular architectures—all with their own lifecycles—that […]

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The digital twin is making itself useful in shipbuilding, wind power, train stations, and medicine

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a specific object, system or process, reproducing its operation and components thanks to a set of digital models, thus making it possible to simulate its behaviour and evolution in interaction with its environment, as well as throughout its entire lifecycle. Parts and devices, industrial machines and production […]

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Cybersecurity: building a secure digital society

“There is one cyber attack every 39 seconds around the world”.

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How can the environmental impact of websites be assessed and reduced?

Every website has an impact on the environment. In order to access a web page and display it in a browser, data must be carried and processed, therefore energy and CPU (Central Processing Unit) power are consumed; it is necessary to use a computer, servers and a network, whose production and use contribute to resource […]

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The age to learn: conditions for digital learning in companies

In current discourse about digital divides, age emerges as one of the main explanatory factors. The idea that young people are very comfortable with digital technology, and that seniors are much less at ease with it, is deeply rooted, including in the world of work. Based on an analysis of experimental digital training techniques, we […]

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Technological innovation at the heart of future submarine cable 2Africa

With a length of 37,000 km, which will make it one of the longest in the world, future submarine cable 2Africa will link up Western Europe with the Middle East and 16 African countries as of 2023 or 2024, the date announced for it to go live. With a nominal capacity of up to 180 Tbit/s on […]

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Selective data sorting against dark data

According to a study by Veritas, 52 % of company data stored on servers is never used. This inert data is what is known as dark data. This can be data collected within the frame of an abandoned project or data that complies with regulatory compliance requirements and that has not been deleted within the legal […]

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Artificial intelligence as a tool for digital inclusion

How is digital exclusion manifested today in France? Today, the phenomenon is well-known and the studies carried out on this subject describe converging tendencies. Digital exclusion concerns slightly more than 15 % of the population. It is due to several factors. First and foremost, it is territorial: 50 % of non-internet users live in municipalities of less […]

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Scanning and scalability are the two challenges facing a global directory of things

Thing in the future is an integrative research platform dedicated to the Internet of Things. Its purpose is to index connected and unconnected physical-world things and to create relationships between each of them. To simplify the jargon, in Thing in the future, these digital twins of physical things are called avatars. Thing in the future […]