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Orange 2021 Research Exhibition: let’s prepare for the future!

This year, the exhibition has taken place on 23 and 24 March 2021, in a fully digital format. As in previous years, it serves as an opportunity for Orange researchers to share their expertise, their views and even their dreams around different topics related to innovation. This event is structured around three themes: 1- Ambient […]

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Simulated data on household activity: we evaluate how realistic it really is!

  To ensure that these ambient intelligence approaches perform well, data collection must take place over several weeks and is very often laborious due to the range of different environments and living situations. Home Activity Simulator therefore seeks to build these datasets not by using sensors in real houses, but by recreating these houses in […]

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Measuring network usage for each mobile application

  In order to stay ahead of problems affecting the user experience (QoE) of its customers, an Internet service provider must monitor network traffic. This effort is limited by producers of content and applications using encryption and controlling data. This video demonstrates a mobile application that uses decentralised computing and non-intrusive sensors to provide users, […]

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A machine that lends an ear

  The embedded sound recognition models are designed to respect privacy as much as possible, shorten processing times, limit connectivity requirements and improve the energy efficiency of the system. Distributed learning is used to ensure that the service is increasingly efficient, while respecting data confidentiality. Sound source detection technology makes it possible to recognise sounds […]

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The Internet of Things (IoT) meeting the needs of trading ports

  This evaluation is carried out using a replicable solution for data collection and processing. The project is structured around three lines of action: – identifying and defining scientific models and algorithms to evaluate the different components of the environmental impact of port activity; – providing a replicable, open source platform for collecting diverse data, […]

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Improving the energy efficiency of connected objects

  The reconfigurable compact antenna can radiate in eight different ways and spatial modulation assigns a meaning to each radiation mode in “bits”. To send a binary message, all you have to do is alternate between these eight radiation modes. This technique therefore makes it possible to communicate with a single radio amplifier by transmitting […]

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Federated AI and reactivity of network alert systems

  With federated AI, mobile network usage data is processed in edge mode, i.e. as close as possible to the aerial. This makes it a technology that has significant potential to improve the reactivity of network alert systems. Unlike centralised AI, sensitive data is protected, since it does not circulate over the network. Calculations, performed […]

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Detecting and characterising cognitive and affective states

  As Laetitia Gros points out at a conference at Orange’s 2021 Research Exhibition, this is in line with a very obvious trend: an increasing number of tools for measuring emotions (EEG or electroencephalographic headsets and watches) are soon to be available on the market. A question mark remains over the relevance of these tools, […]

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Artificial intelligence that is gentle, sensitive and distributed

  The incredible progress made with Artificial Intelligence (AI) inspires hope that solutions may be found to some of humanity’s problems, for example problems relating to health or the environment. It does, however, also raise many fears, including the fear that a surveillance society is being created. Henri Sanson’s presentation looks at three major current […]

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Creating a voice bot in a sub-Saharan language

  Inclusive access to digital technology is a challenge in Africa, where illiteracy is widespread and where the official language, often French or English, is only spoken by a minority of the population. Around 2000 different dialects are spoken in Africa. The “Voice Bot in Wolof” project aims to set out the specific technical characteristics […]

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2030 outlook: which networks for a world in transition?

  Telecoms players have a special responsibility when it comes to societal challenges. This exercise—presented by Pierre-Yves Le Lann and Nathalie Labidurie at the Research Exhibition—begins to envision the potential futures by 2030 and attempts to broaden the debate. How can collective intelligence, faced with environmental, societal and geopolitical challenges, create the blueprint for a […]

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Behind the scenes of research: imagining the future of network diagnostics

The Research Exhibition marks a milestone in a project: it means that the project is now at a stage where it can be unveiled to the general public. Joachim Flocon-Cholet summarises things for the “Fault Diagnosis Discovery” demonstration as follows: when a customer calls an Orange call centre about a fault, the test launched on […]