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With the aim of sharing the latest developments in Orange’s research, the Research Blog lets our researchers have their say. They tell us about their work as well as sharing their visions and convictions regarding the technological disruptions and changes in society that are unfolding. It’s a place to interact with people who are passionate about the future of our digital and human world.

Social Media: Both Strengthening and Weakening Family Bonds

Since Facebook’s launch in 2004, the use of social media in France has grown significantly, calling into question the place such networks take alongside telephony within interpersonal communication. However, few studies have addressed the use of social media within families. How are these networks used to communicate within the same household or amongst extended family? How do they uphold or even strengthen certain relationships, while at the same time weaken others? This article will attempt to shed light on these questions based on the results of a qualitative study conducted on the Dream Café[1] website.
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