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Better me / Innovation

New TV Key and Cabasse sound bar: the new TV experience by Orange

The new Orange TV Key and the “Cabasse for Orange” sound bar offer unprecedented experiences that aim to be as complete as possible.

Better me / Innovation

Mobile Connect, at the forefront of identification solutions

The Mobile Connect identification solution developed by Orange combines the secrecy of the PIN code with the ownership of the safe that is the telephone’s SIM card.

Augmented Planet / 5G

When self-driving cars hit the road… or the test track

UTAC CERAM Group uses its new test centre for self-driving vehicles to engage all the players in the ecosystem on connectivity and 5G issues.

Smarter society / Networks

The anechoic chamber: an experimental room for testing 5G networks and the IoT

Orange has two anechoic chambers, one of which, installed on the SophiaTech campus, is for measuring the performances of future 5G networks and IoT antennas.

Augmented Planet / 5G

First 5G NR call in France: the connection’s live!

Orange and its partners Ericsson and Intel demonstrate the very first interoperable 5G NR data call between a mobile telephone and a 5G base station in France.

Better me / Prospective

20 years of attention management mechanisms in digital interfaces

Chat rooms, mobile and social Internet, streaming… 20 years' evolution of attention management mechanisms in digital interfaces

Smarter society / Innovation

At VivaTech, innovation both proves and demonstrates its value

Orange is taking part in the VivaTech show, where 8,000 start-ups from around the world are gathered, including 120 endorsed by the Group who have come to present useful innovations useful which are beneficial for the largest number of people.

Augmented Planet / Networks

Welcome to extreme connectivity

From Google balloons to HAPS straight out of science fiction movies, the major players in connectivity are researching solutions that are truly disruptive.

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

LTE-M, fresh impetus for the Internet of Things

The roll-out of LTE-M technology is paving the way for enhanced business use of the Internet of Things, thanks to its improved performance in terms of coverage, battery life and cost.

Augmented Planet / Networks

Smart antennas to facilitate and accelerate 5G deployment

In close collaboration with Nokia and Kathrein, Orange is working on a new smart hybrid antenna technology.

Augmented Planet / Networks

Mobile World Congress: a brand new experience in immersive VR, thanks to 5G

In Barcelona, Orange is offering a 360° Live Streaming experience by using live images and virtual reality to transport users into one of the cabins of the city’s cable car.

Augmented Planet / Networks

Three questions to Nanda Menon, Athonet’s Director of Corporate Development

Athonet start-up, thanks to cloud and software solutions opens up opportunities for industry 4.0, IoT, public safety and many other transversal markets.