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Open RAN

Open RAN (for “Open Radio Access Network”) is a network architecture that, via open protocols and interfaces, makes it possible to build open smart multi-vendor radio access networks. In a mobile network, the radio access network (RAN), made up of antennas and base stations, connects mobile terminals to the whole mobile network. Today, the technologies […]

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Satellite Technology Opens the Door to New Frontiers for the Internet of Things

“New Space” is redrawing our map of the stars. Once the sole preserve of the world’s superpowers, space exploration is rapidly becoming more popular with new private-sector players making their entrance. High-profile figures like Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) are at the forefront of a vast ecosystem comprising more than a thousand companies. Spearheading France’s […]

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The Growing Transmission Capacities of Multicore Fiber

With the explosion of digital traffic—driven by more people working remotely, increased use of e-commerce, photo and video sharing, streaming and so on—and the ever-increasing number of applications constantly consuming more bandwidth, optical transport networks are under intense pressure. This underlying trend, amplified by the pandemic, is forcing network carriers to explore new avenues to […]

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5G Explores 26 GHz Band

Like the previous generations of mobile networks, 5G will eventually deploy across a number of frequency bands. In France, while commercial 5G is most commonly available in the 3.5 GHz band, in future it will be available at frequencies toward the top end of the spectrum, in the so-called millimeter wave (mmWave) range, in particular the […]

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Better compression and streaming to improve the audiovisual experience

While streaming audiovisual content may look simple to consumers, in reality, there are a number of complex technical stages and challenges that it has to go through before it reaches its destination at the highest quality. Put simply, the distribution of live and on-demand audiovisual content involves a range of technologies, including those to compress […]

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Intelligent waste management with Heyliot sensors

Could you tell us a bit about Heyliot? Cyril Pradel and I founded Heyliot in 2017 as an Orange spin-off, aiming to explore the world of opportunity opened up by the new IoT networks. We were looking into a first use case linked to a newspaper publisher who wanted to monitor sales in order to […]

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Laser, dedicated protocol and material: the future of space telecoms

The role of space telecommunications is to establish contact between astronauts and mission control centres, as well as to retrieve data from the scientific research carried out in space or that gathered by the various space vehicles (equipped with measuring instruments, cameras, etc.). With human presence set to become permanent and more intense, it is […]

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Cloud computing all across the world

While 5G and optic fibre are being deployed across the world, certain areas remain deprived of an internet connection. These can be small territories within certain countries, such as rural areas, or vaster regions in other, less developed countries, again with a significant gap between rural and urban households. Thus, according to the International Telecommunication […]

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Well-known in the world of cloud computing, the “as a service” trend is now reaching networks. With Network as a Service (NaaS), service providers are offering a subscription-based global solution for networks and their associated services that is easily usable by the customer’s IT service. Companies thus no longer need to invest in equipment – […]

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Wi-Fi 6 connects busy home environments

Over the course of its successive versions, the 802.11 standard, which specifies the characteristics of wireless local area networks, or Wi-Fi, has expanded its capabilities, particularly in terms of speed. Some generations stand out as notable technological leaps, and this is the case with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax standard). A standard tailored to high-density environments Hélène […]

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5G arrives in Le Havre: optimised communications and a Smart Port on the horizon

5G has arrived safely In March 2021, Orange’s 5G network reached the majority of the Port of Le Havre, France’s leading container port for foreign trade, heralding the arrival of new services for harbour users.  From experimentation to standardisation The benefits and potential applications of 5G were researched and analysed prior to its deployment in […]

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Why quantum internet is moving us

Teleportation is no longer only associated with science fiction. Today it is now possible in a kind of reality, more precisely in the infinitely small and in quantum bits in particular, which are known as qubits. Where digital information is based on bits – strings of 0s and 1s – qubits are superpositions of 0s […]