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Data sharing increases data value for businesses

Fifteen years ago, an Open Data movement was launched, particularly by governments, to allow as many people as possible to access to public data. Everything changed with the early stages of Big Data. Previously viewed as waste left over from information systems, data became a valuable asset. Companies wanted to use data to create value, increase it […]

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Semiconductors, a strategic issue for the economy and innovation

A semiconductor is a material whose electrical conductivity value falls between those of metals and those of insulators. Thanks to its properties and its natural abundance, silicon is the most used semiconductor material, but there are many others. Components based on semiconductors – in particular, the integrated circuit, which brings together several electronic functions within […]

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IoT Continuum, a partnership to accelerate the mass deployment of cellular IoT

As in previous years, 2021 will see sustained growth for the Internet of Things (IoT) market. IDC predicts that investment in IoT hardware, software, connectivity solutions and services will reach $202 billion (€171 billion) in Europe this year. And this spending dynamic will continue to experience double-digit growth every year through 2025. Many try, few succeed This […]

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MWC 2021: Stand-alone 5G Reduces Latency for Industry 4.0 Ecosystems

The small robot moves around the demo area easily, controlled remotely via the 5G SA (StandAlone) network. Suddenly, its gestures become slower, its interaction deteriorates and there is a bigger delay between the order and the action: latency is at play. For demonstration purposes, data traffic was artificially increased on the network, creating congestion. Nonetheless, […]

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The digital twin is making itself useful in shipbuilding, wind power, train stations, and medicine

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a specific object, system or process, reproducing its operation and components thanks to a set of digital models, thus making it possible to simulate its behaviour and evolution in interaction with its environment, as well as throughout its entire lifecycle. Parts and devices, industrial machines and production […]

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5G’s impact on society under the microscope

As a responsible carrier and as part of its commitment to sustainable development, Orange aspires to build networks and services that have a positive impact. The Group believes that the technological progress exemplified by 5G should be used not only to create practical solutions for users; it should also support economic development and the workplace […]

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Quantum sensors are beginning to leave the laboratories

The contributions of the properties of quantum physics are not limited to the quantum computer, cryptography, or communication systems. In the future, we can also rely on quantum sensors, which use the extreme sensitivity of the quantum states of a photon, an electron or an atom, to make extremely precise measurements. Thanks to this unique […]

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Behind the scenes of research: “digital twins” in industry

Research at Orange is organised around nine priority areas, one of which concentrates on the IoT. Each area is divided into different research programmes and each programme is subdivided into several projects. With the approaches and the overall visions driven by the managers of each area, it is up to the teams to explore all […]

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Open RAN: European carriers gain momentum

Open RAN promises more open, flexible, innovative and efficient radio access networks. These features will be expressed as much on the carrier side, in terms of deployment and operation, as for end customers who will benefit particularly from improved service quality. Stimulate the ecosystem, accelerate developments The agreement formalised beginning 2021 and signed by Orange, […]

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Infringement: an issue at the heart of intellectual property

“High Efficiency Video Coding” or HEVC, is a codec, a video compression standard. It can reduce the file size of an HD or Full HD video by about 50% and, therefore, the bit rate required to send it, while maintaining the video quality. Developed around seven years ago and now embedded in all smartphones, tablets, […]

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The chipset industry has reached boiling point

After years of intensive use, we sometimes take for granted everything our smartphone can do for us on a daily basis. Let us go deeper to learn, and understand, how this application and software engineering is driven. The answer is contained in a miniature component—with an area of less than 100 mm²—hidden behind the screen: […]

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Drinking water network management grows in intelligence

In a context of diminishing resources and within an ever more stringent regulatory framework, both public and private drinking water suppliers are faced with complex and growing challenges: tracking water quality, improving network performance, reducing operating costs, and energy efficiency. Challenges that smart network management can help them to face up to. Smart network management […]