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Materializing data to understand it better

Physical representations have existed for millennia. Before the invention of writing, early civilizations used various objects – pebbles, ropes, etc. – to pass on information, stimulate thought, and improve cognitive ability. The most often quoted example is that of the Mesopotamian clay tokens (calculi), used in 4,000 BCE for accounting, and whose shape varied according […]

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Quantum computer: startup Pasqal is banking on cold atoms

Quantum computing is set to revolutionize the area of intensive computing and open up new possibilities for solving certain specific problems, deemed intractable, within a reasonable timeframe. The construction of a quantum computer does however come up against several obstacles. The largest of these being decoherence, that is to say the fact that the system […]

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Air at the center of optical fibers to guide light

The use of silica glass in optical fibers has had profound impacts in many areas, from telecommunications to imaging, through cutting, laser welding, or lighting. In the area of telecommunications, single-mode fibers are solid glass tubes that enable the transmission of data at very high speeds over long distances. Over the last half a century, […]

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DNA, hard drive of the future for our digital data?

The molecule that supports the genetic heritage of living organisms, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) contains all the information necessary for an organism to function. Since the works of American physicist Richard Feynman in the late 1950s, scientists have also been planning to use it as the support for human knowledge. In theory, it is quite simple: […]

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PETs are opening up new opportunities for data analysis

We produce and exploit ever more data, which has become an all-important resource for policy makers, researchers and businesses, as it provides them with information that is useful for their activities. However, the processing of this data generates risks for individuals, communities and organisations. The use of personal data in particular can constitute a breach […]

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Open source, the key to the mobility of tomorrow: an overview of five innovations

EZ10 In this case it is the autopilot, that is the set of software and hardware components that enable the vehicle to drive autonomously in different situations, which constitutes the main technological issue, as the proper functioning of the navigation system requires it to have experienced a large number of events in a variety of […]

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5G’s impact on society under the microscope

As a responsible carrier and as part of its commitment to sustainable development, Orange aspires to build networks and services that have a positive impact. The Group believes that the technological progress exemplified by 5G should be used not only to create practical solutions for users; it should also support economic development and the workplace […]

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Laser, dedicated protocol and material: the future of space telecoms

The role of space telecommunications is to establish contact between astronauts and mission control centres, as well as to retrieve data from the scientific research carried out in space or that gathered by the various space vehicles (equipped with measuring instruments, cameras, etc.). With human presence set to become permanent and more intense, it is […]

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Quantum sensors are beginning to leave the laboratories

The contributions of the properties of quantum physics are not limited to the quantum computer, cryptography, or communication systems. In the future, we can also rely on quantum sensors, which use the extreme sensitivity of the quantum states of a photon, an electron or an atom, to make extremely precise measurements. Thanks to this unique […]

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2030 outlook: which networks for a world in transition?

  Telecoms players have a special responsibility when it comes to societal challenges. This exercise—presented by Pierre-Yves Le Lann and Nathalie Labidurie at the Research Exhibition—begins to envision the potential futures by 2030 and attempts to broaden the debate. How can collective intelligence, faced with environmental, societal and geopolitical challenges, create the blueprint for a […]

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Satellite internet, connectivity on the rise

Satellite technology promises to provide internet access regardless of the location, out at sea, in the desert, atop a mountain, or in the open countryside. This can help reduce the digital divide in areas with low coverage from terrestrial technologies, all the while providing high internet speed and a high level of service reliability. The […]

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Underwater Wi-Fi to come soon?

After Wi-Fi on Earth, Wi-Fi under the sea? Having already invaded our everyday earthling lives, wireless technologies could now reach right down to the depths of the oceans. Underwater Wi-Fi would enable divers to communicate without having to use hand signs or a write on a board and send data to the surface. A team […]