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Encrypting or classifying Internet traffic: do we have to choose?

Internet traffic encryption yesterday, today and tomorrow Traffic encryption is the practice that aims to make data exchanged over networks incomprehensible to unauthorized observers. Figure 1: End-to-end traffic encryption on the Internet On the Internet, traffic encryption was popularized by Netscape, with the introduction of SSL, the ancestor of TLS, in 1995 and has grown […]

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IoT Continuum, a partnership to accelerate the mass deployment of cellular IoT

As in previous years, 2021 will see sustained growth for the Internet of Things (IoT) market. IDC predicts that investment in IoT hardware, software, connectivity solutions and services will reach $202 billion (€171 billion) in Europe this year. And this spending dynamic will continue to experience double-digit growth every year through 2025. Many try, few succeed This […]

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Orange 2021 Research Exhibition: let’s prepare for the future!

This year, the exhibition has taken place on 23 and 24 March 2021, in a fully digital format. As in previous years, it serves as an opportunity for Orange researchers to share their expertise, their views and even their dreams around different topics related to innovation. This event is structured around three themes: 1- Ambient […]

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Measuring network usage for each mobile application

  In order to stay ahead of problems affecting the user experience (QoE) of its customers, an Internet service provider must monitor network traffic. This effort is limited by producers of content and applications using encryption and controlling data. This video demonstrates a mobile application that uses decentralised computing and non-intrusive sensors to provide users, […]

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Improving the energy efficiency of connected objects

  The reconfigurable compact antenna can radiate in eight different ways and spatial modulation assigns a meaning to each radiation mode in “bits”. To send a binary message, all you have to do is alternate between these eight radiation modes. This technique therefore makes it possible to communicate with a single radio amplifier by transmitting […]

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Federated AI and reactivity of network alert systems

  With federated AI, mobile network usage data is processed in edge mode, i.e. as close as possible to the aerial. This makes it a technology that has significant potential to improve the reactivity of network alert systems. Unlike centralised AI, sensitive data is protected, since it does not circulate over the network. Calculations, performed […]

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2030 outlook: which networks for a world in transition?

  Telecoms players have a special responsibility when it comes to societal challenges. This exercise—presented by Pierre-Yves Le Lann and Nathalie Labidurie at the Research Exhibition—begins to envision the potential futures by 2030 and attempts to broaden the debate. How can collective intelligence, faced with environmental, societal and geopolitical challenges, create the blueprint for a […]

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Behind the scenes of research: imagining the future of network diagnostics

The Research Exhibition marks a milestone in a project: it means that the project is now at a stage where it can be unveiled to the general public. Joachim Flocon-Cholet summarises things for the “Fault Diagnosis Discovery” demonstration as follows: when a customer calls an Orange call centre about a fault, the test launched on […]

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Building 6G

  We are seeing the term 6G more and more in research publications and at conferences, as well as in the general media. This raises a number of questions, including: – Why talk about 6G now when 5G has only just been launched? – When will 6G become available? – What will its new uses […]

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From smartphones to glasses: 5G supports the development of extended reality (XR)

Extended reality (XR) is one of the new use cases that exploits the full technological and innovative potential of 5G. The fifth generation of mobile networks is a key technical enabler of innovative and immersive experiences on the go. Increased performance in terms of latency, throughput and energy consumption and an ability to distribute processing […]

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Smart street lighting thanks to the LoRa® network

When astronomical clocks are synchronised with the LoRa® network BH Technologies, an innovative company from Grenoble partnered with Datavenue Ready and established in 1998, is one of the high-tech players in France directly involved in the Smart City movement. When it was still known as BHL Électronique, this company sold astronomical clock systems for street […]

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The best of fine watchmaking and connectivity, together in one watch

Montblanc is among such high-end smartwatch pioneers. In 2017, the maker with the snowy cap logo launched the Summit, its first luxury smartwatch. It was the watchmaker’s way of showing it could, by joining forces with Google and its wearables-dedicated OS, reinvent itself and equip its chronograph with Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi connection. Summit 2+, […]