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Mapping networks and critical materials to advance the circular economy

What does your work entail with regard to the presence of rare metals in network and telecoms equipment? Since 2007, Orange has been providing environmental labelling for mobile phones sold or leased to its customers. The aim was to transparently inform people about the environmental impact of our products, by explaining the efforts we undertake […]

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Analysis and tips on curbing the build-up of electronic waste

Over 50 million tonnes. The equivalent of 5300 Eiffel Towers. This, according to a United Nations report, is the amount of electronic waste that was added to the existing volume globally in 2019, and it is expected to grow at an even faster pace over the coming years. According to one estimate, by 2030, humanity […]

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Extend the life of IoT devices thanks to smartphones

It’s 6 pm and I’m leaving work on my bike. Using GPS coordinates, my connected watch lets my household know I’m on my way. Hang on, I’ve got a message from my fridge: “We need more butter and eggs”. Quick detour to the supermarket and I’m back home. Red alert from my son’s schoolbag: Oscar still […]

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Fairphone 3 and Livebox 5: more “responsible” devices

Orange has been pursuing an eco-friendly, pro-circular economy approach for a long time due to its awareness of the digital industry’s environmental impact. It showed its commitment to being eco-friendly with the Fairphone 3, a smartphone with detachable parts that comes with a screwdriver. Julien Giner, a Project Manager at Orange, explained this unique quality […]

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A control tower against illegal streaming, supported by AI

Streaming services are multiplying and it is becoming easier to access high-quality files with both fixed and mobile devices using high-speed and very high-speed connections, from a larger and more varied range of terminals. Will the illegal redistribution and sharing of video content intensify? A threat with a thousand faces… “We’re facing new types of […]

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Your smartphone can hand you useful information on a plate

Imagine a meeting where you could instantly have access to information about the people, organisations and places mentioned by the other participants. Imagine a meeting where the documents needed to resolve a problem could automatically be made available to you with only your smartphone and a connection to an online service. This is a real […]

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Viktor: smart cushion tackling isolation among seniors

Viktor, a decorative sofa cushion and smart device, enabling seniors to keep in touch with friends, family and carers, while enjoying access to entertainment content.

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What about free will in a world that is assisted by data and connected objects?

The point of view of Christine Balagué, full professor of the Good in Tech Chair, on the question of free will in a world of data and connected objects.

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How do you tame artificial intelligence?

Reassuring consumers about the balance of power when it comes to #AI is crucial to making it available to all.

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Are the voice’s channels impenetrable?

A woman’s voice, a man’s voice, or a genderless voice: what is the best voice for a voice assistant? The answer from the social sciences.

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Device Management in the connected world of tomorrow

As the Internet of things is on the rise, innovative solutions are emerging to evolve and optimise Device Management.

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When AI shows up at your remote meetings

The “Future Meeting Experience”, presented at the 2019 Orange Research Exhibition, simulates a meeting where people can actively participate using content relayed to their smartphones.