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Connected Cars En Route to Autonomy

On October 21, 2021, the 5GCroCo project teams—who come from carriers in multiple countries and from car manufacturers for different brands—showcased their work. “This is an important step after 12 years of research on connected mobility,” says Cédric Seureau, Program Manager at Orange Innovation. “5GCAR, a previous project, aimed to design the global architecture, taking into […]

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Open source, the key to the mobility of tomorrow: an overview of five innovations

EZ10 In this case it is the autopilot, that is the set of software and hardware components that enable the vehicle to drive autonomously in different situations, which constitutes the main technological issue, as the proper functioning of the navigation system requires it to have experienced a large number of events in a variety of […]

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Intelligent waste management with Heyliot sensors

Could you tell us a bit about Heyliot? Cyril Pradel and I founded Heyliot in 2017 as an Orange spin-off, aiming to explore the world of opportunity opened up by the new IoT networks. We were looking into a first use case linked to a newspaper publisher who wanted to monitor sales in order to […]

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Datavenue Challenge: a self-contained frost and ice sensor based on temperature differences

What is GreenSysTech’s story? From the outset, I wanted to explore energy issues through the development of innovative sensors, with one idea in mind: to capture ambient energy. GreenSysTech was first set up as a design company, and we filed patents every year between 2010 and 2015. Now there are five of us, mainly with […]

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Datavenue Challenge: no more hydroalcoholic gel shortages thanks to connected dispensers

Can you tell us a bit about Percall? Percall was established in the year 2000 and has 350 consultants. We were originally a service company specialising in the development and integration of product lifecycle management (PLM). Today, we also provide solutions of our own. We have been involved in the IoT for seven years, focusing […]

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Smart street lighting thanks to the LoRa® network

When astronomical clocks are synchronised with the LoRa® network BH Technologies, an innovative company from Grenoble partnered with Datavenue Ready and established in 1998, is one of the high-tech players in France directly involved in the Smart City movement. When it was still known as BHL Électronique, this company sold astronomical clock systems for street […]

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Monitored telephone poles with IoT

Currently, maintaining these poles to guarantee customers receive a high-quality service is a largely reactive process. As part of a project led by Orange, specialist companies perform year-round testing on the poles to ensure the quality of this infrastructure. But when adverse weather events or accidents occur, it is often the residents, local authorities or […]

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Pollutant monitoring: example of an IoT partnership

The many players in the IoT “constellation” differ in their respective fields, backgrounds and expertise. Orange believes that these players need to be combined to make the technological cosmos shine and has therefore launched the Datavenue Ready label. By creating close and lasting ties with these partners, Orange can contribute to the development and promotion of […]

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Connected or even self-driving: The future of cars with 5G

For over a decade, Orange has been at the forefront of research on connected mobility based on cellular networks. Thanks to its commitment to national and European collaborative projects, i.e. SCOOP, it has been possible to shape and sculpt the future of vehicular communications. This endeavour subsequently saw a shift in focus to 5G applications […]

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How digital can make cities more resilient

Is the “smart city” outdated? The resilient city integrates and protects what matters in the running of a city… starting with its inhabitants.

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New technologies are changing the world and society. They are bringing a disruptive change in the way we live, work, exchange, produce, consume and entertain. Orange, a dedicated group to digital inclusion, is committed to build a responsible and sustainable digital world that respects the planet.

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The future of smart buildings with Thing’in

The management of complex systems such as buildings requires going beyond connected object-centric approaches based on the Internet platforms of today's Objects.