Building 6G

“Will 6G be developed in the same way as previous generations?”

At Orange’s 2021 Research Exhibition, Éric Hardouin is giving a mini-conference on 6G, the sixth generation of mobile telephony.


We are seeing the term 6G more and more in research publications and at conferences, as well as in the general media. This raises a number of questions, including:

– Why talk about 6G now when 5G has only just been launched?

– When will 6G become available?

– What will its new uses be compared to those of 5G? And with which technologies?

– How is mobile network technology built?

– Will 6G be developed in the same way as previous generations?

– What is Orange doing in relation to 6G?

This mini-conference will provide clarification and answers to these questions from Orange, a company committed to researching and building 6G.

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