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International crisis prevention, management and resolution: the assets of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies make it possible to spot patterns in large, heterogeneous datasets, and to anticipate certain phenomena. They are also powerful tools for finding solutions to certain global problems that are as urgent as they are complex. They are being used more and more by government institutions and humanitarian and development organisations at […]

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Financial practices of Dakar’s informal sector entrepreneurs and mobile money

Africa is currently experiencing an unprecedented digital boom. Orange, a major player in this digital transformation, invests heavily in emerging countries, developing innovative services and participating in research programmes and pilot projects, particularly in connection with sustainable development objectives (financial inclusion, education, health, etc.).  This article provides an overview of the financial practices of informal […]

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Proofs of identity: when AI confuses matters

In generating highly realistic human faces and voices, Generative Adversarial Networks are creating doubt about previously irrefutable proofs of identity such as photos, videos, and sound recordings.

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Six uses of AI that serve a more humane society

Artificial intelligence to serve health, justice, and the environment… Six surprising applications of AI

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How AI can help reduce inequalities

Artificial intelligence must not only aim for equity, but also be a tool to serve diversity and the fight against inequality.

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Alloscope, a tool to help those in vulnerable situations

Alloscope, an Orange research project, offers to analyse call reports to help professionals working in medical and social monitoring.

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Folder: Smart agriculture

Discover the technological innovations for the future of agriculture, so that these advances make it more productive, more profitable and more respectful of the environment.

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Deep fakes, falsification of reality

Deep fakes: thanks to deep learning, the transfer of facial expressions on video is becoming more sophisticated and accessible. Its detection too.

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Le Vote provides renewed energy for digital and local democracy

Le Vote, a fully digital solution based on blockchain technology, consists of a website for elected representatives and a mobile app for the public.

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In developing countries, the LoRa network is the bearer of progress

A long range, low energy consumption, and economical technology, LoRa is a network deployed in India and countries of Africa and Latin America.

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In search of simpler accessibility

Tactile Facile, the innovative Orange accessibility app developed by researchers and engineers in human-machine interaction.

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Love in the age of smartphones

New technologies bring people together in general and lovers in particular. They multiply contact points and the ways of expressing affection. A simple emoji sent on WhatsApp, a link or GIF shared on Gtalk, an SMS written on the fly, a video posted on a Facebook profile, a FaceTime between two meetings … So many […]