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Digital learning: the health crisis imposes the virtual classroom

Training has most certainly been the HR process most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses had to abandon in-person training overnight and massively switch to online training. This paradigm shift took place precisely at a time when they had a considerable need for training. Indeed, with the generalization of teleworking, there was a need to […]

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Digital identity: towards a European digital wallet?

After the European health pass that entered into force on 1st July, the European Commission is planning to set up a European digital identity wallet for the 27 Member States of the European Union as early as next year. According to the first elements revealed on June 3rd, this wallet will be accessible to all […]

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Open source, the key to the mobility of tomorrow: an overview of five innovations

EZ10 In this case it is the autopilot, that is the set of software and hardware components that enable the vehicle to drive autonomously in different situations, which constitutes the main technological issue, as the proper functioning of the navigation system requires it to have experienced a large number of events in a variety of […]

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Data from mobile phones shed light on COVID-19 lockdowns in France

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has confronted the world to unprecedented challenges, calling on countries to take urgent and resolute action to better respond to the health emergency. Among these, in the absence of a widely available vaccine and/or effective treatment, restrictions on mobility are a last resort to combat the spread of infectious […]

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Datavenue challenge: The Dona Care connected watch monitors the health of senior citizens

What is Life Plus’s story? Since late 2015, Life Plus has been developing technologies to prevent frailty in people over the age of 65. Our solutions aim to prevent people from becoming frail and, ideally, prolong independence. There are around 20 people in our company, all from a variety of backgrounds but most are technically […]

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Cybersecurity: building a secure digital society

“There is one cyber attack every 39 seconds around the world”.

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Datavenue Challenge: no more hydroalcoholic gel shortages thanks to connected dispensers

Can you tell us a bit about Percall? Percall was established in the year 2000 and has 350 consultants. We were originally a service company specialising in the development and integration of product lifecycle management (PLM). Today, we also provide solutions of our own. We have been involved in the IoT for seven years, focusing […]

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A machine that lends an ear

  The embedded sound recognition models are designed to respect privacy as much as possible, shorten processing times, limit connectivity requirements and improve the energy efficiency of the system. Distributed learning is used to ensure that the service is increasingly efficient, while respecting data confidentiality. Sound source detection technology makes it possible to recognise sounds […]

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Creating a voice bot in a sub-Saharan language

  Inclusive access to digital technology is a challenge in Africa, where illiteracy is widespread and where the official language, often French or English, is only spoken by a minority of the population. Around 2000 different dialects are spoken in Africa. The “Voice Bot in Wolof” project aims to set out the specific technical characteristics […]

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2030 outlook: which networks for a world in transition?

  Telecoms players have a special responsibility when it comes to societal challenges. This exercise—presented by Pierre-Yves Le Lann and Nathalie Labidurie at the Research Exhibition—begins to envision the potential futures by 2030 and attempts to broaden the debate. How can collective intelligence, faced with environmental, societal and geopolitical challenges, create the blueprint for a […]

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The green transition: consumer expectations and behaviour

  This means consumers are regularly being invited to change their daily habits. We are therefore seeing the emergence of an “ecological habitus” — proof of the changing attitudes within consumer behaviour, which varies between social groups. What has this habitus got to do with digital practices? There is an abundance of digital eco-gestures in […]

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AI, the anti-Covid toolbox

Sought after to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis, artificial intelligence (AI) has proven its effectiveness in several aspects of the fight against the pandemic, be it in understanding this new coronavirus, diagnosing it, predicting its evolution, slowing down its spread, or speeding up other aspects of medical research. Over a year after the crisis […]