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Words of innovation 3.0: tech experts explain!

Differentiating between virtual and augmented reality, understanding what is behind blockchain technology or the Metaverse, grasping the concepts of APIs, open source, or machine learning, all of which are mentioned in the media on a daily basis: it’s difficult! Popularizers of the tech world decipher in a simple way these technologies that contribute to the […]

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Detecting fraud on international calls with AI

Antoine Darbois, Head of Fraud Detection Solutions at Orange Innovation, explains: “Have you ever had a suspicious call, such as someone calling you from abroad, without giving you time to pick up, to encourage you to call back a premium rate number? To combat this type of fraud, Orange teams have implemented a solution based […]

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Open science: the principles and tools of more accessible and efficient science

Open science is based on the idea that research results must leave the universities and laboratories to be disseminated across the whole of society. To achieve this, it is necessary to make scientific publications and data freely accessible to all (to researchers but also to individuals and businesses). Yet today, access to scientific knowledge – […]

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When AI knows your state of health thanks to the sound of your voice

The voice contains a lot of information on people’s state of health. Indeed, several conditions – neurodegenerative and pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular disorders, mental disorders – can change the way in which a person speaks. For example, they may not articulate as well, or they may stretch vowels more. Although the human brain can analyze some […]

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Using Blockchain and Machine Learning to Protect Copyrights

Creators have a hard time protecting their works in the digital age, with images being published on the Internet without authors’ permission or being misused to feed fake news. The sheer number of images posted online every day and the high cost of protection tools currently on the market make this task even more difficult! […]

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AI for predictive building maintenance from Sitowie

For Pauline Koch, a professional architect and CEO & Founder of Sitowie (one of the six start-ups selected in the third edition of the Women Start program organized by Orange), it was becoming difficult to design, construct and even manage buildings without knowing how they would age. “In France, we don’t have the data to […]

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How could quantum computing help in the fight against climate change?

Managing the intermittency of renewable energies Quantum computing should speed up machine learning, thus enabling electricity providers to include more variables and predict the availability of intermittent renewable energy sources. Quantum optimization algorithms could be used to identify the best spots for installing solar power plants or wind farms according to sun or wind sites. […]

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Video Compression: A Neural Network Challenging the Conventional Approach

The rules were clearly defined so that innovations in the scientific community could be judged on the same criteria: some 100 videos of several seconds each needed to be compressed to 1 Mb/s, while retaining the best possible quality. Thirteen candidates submitted their coding for testing, with players from around the world, both in industry and […]

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Self-supervised learning paves the way for a common-sense AI

In March 2021, the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) laboratories unveiled a new computer vision model developed in cooperation with the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria). The particularity of this model, named “SEER” (for Self-supERvised), is that it has been pretrained on one billion random, unlabelled Instagram images, thanks […]

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The inventors of PINNs define them as “neural networks that are trained to solve supervised learning tasks while respecting any given law of physics described by general nonlinear partial differential equations”. Indeed, algorithms do not necessarily take into account the physical principles governing the systems to which they are applied. Yet, the behaviour of these […]

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Artificial intelligence that is gentle, sensitive and distributed

  The incredible progress made with Artificial Intelligence (AI) inspires hope that solutions may be found to some of humanity’s problems, for example problems relating to health or the environment. It does, however, also raise many fears, including the fear that a surveillance society is being created. Henri Sanson’s presentation looks at three major current […]

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Behind the scenes of research: imagining the future of network diagnostics

The Research Exhibition marks a milestone in a project: it means that the project is now at a stage where it can be unveiled to the general public. Joachim Flocon-Cholet summarises things for the “Fault Diagnosis Discovery” demonstration as follows: when a customer calls an Orange call centre about a fault, the test launched on […]