Measuring network usage for each mobile application

“A mobile application that relies on decentralised computing and non-intrusive sensors to provide (…) access to QoE statistics.”

The Orange 2021 Research Exhibition provides an opportunity to showcase the progress of current research aimed at creating the networks and services of the future. The French National Research Agency’s O’Browser project, in collaboration with Inria, aims to make customer quality of experience measurements available to all with an inclusive solution.


In order to stay ahead of problems affecting the user experience (QoE) of its customers, an Internet service provider must monitor network traffic. This effort is limited by producers of content and applications using encryption and controlling data. This video demonstrates a mobile application that uses decentralised computing and non-intrusive sensors to provide users, regulators and carriers with access to QoE statistics. The application evaluates the performance of third-party smartphone applications without having to rely solely on the statistical data that the third party provides.

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