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Flasback 2021

At a time of great challenges, companies are giving priority to technological innovation. They learn to master change to build a new future that is mainly digital driven. Driven by the demands of a new reality over the past 18 months, companies have adapted to the unexpected acceleration of technological advances. Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud […]

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AI for predictive building maintenance from Sitowie

For Pauline Koch, a professional architect and CEO & Founder of Sitowie (one of the six start-ups selected in the third edition of the Women Start program organized by Orange), it was becoming difficult to design, construct and even manage buildings without knowing how they would age. “In France, we don’t have the data to […]

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A Lab for Testing the Benefits of Edge Computing on a 5G Network

Edge computing is a decentralized cloud computing model that brings data processing and storage closer to the users and machines that produce and/or consume it. Gone are the days where data must travel across the network to a centralized data center. Now, data can be processed locally, meeting the requirements of emerging use cases thanks […]

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Self-supervised learning paves the way for a common-sense AI

In March 2021, the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) laboratories unveiled a new computer vision model developed in cooperation with the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria). The particularity of this model, named “SEER” (for Self-supERvised), is that it has been pretrained on one billion random, unlabelled Instagram images, thanks […]

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PETs are opening up new opportunities for data analysis

We produce and exploit ever more data, which has become an all-important resource for policy makers, researchers and businesses, as it provides them with information that is useful for their activities. However, the processing of this data generates risks for individuals, communities and organisations. The use of personal data in particular can constitute a breach […]

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Advocating for ethical and responsible AI by design

Awareness of all stakeholders: regulatory, business, society Since 2018, through various studies, Europe has been promoting ethical AI by offering simple recommendations. In 2021, however, it will define a binding legal framework on the use of AI algorithms with the introduction of high-risk artificial intelligence systems [1]. At the same time, businesses are starting to […]

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Intelligent waste management with Heyliot sensors

Could you tell us a bit about Heyliot? Cyril Pradel and I founded Heyliot in 2017 as an Orange spin-off, aiming to explore the world of opportunity opened up by the new IoT networks. We were looking into a first use case linked to a newspaper publisher who wanted to monitor sales in order to […]

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Data from mobile phones shed light on COVID-19 lockdowns in France

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has confronted the world to unprecedented challenges, calling on countries to take urgent and resolute action to better respond to the health emergency. Among these, in the absence of a widely available vaccine and/or effective treatment, restrictions on mobility are a last resort to combat the spread of infectious […]

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Cloud computing all across the world

While 5G and optic fibre are being deployed across the world, certain areas remain deprived of an internet connection. These can be small territories within certain countries, such as rural areas, or vaster regions in other, less developed countries, again with a significant gap between rural and urban households. Thus, according to the International Telecommunication […]

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Using AI to monitor movement promises to improve home care

By 2050, there will be two billion people in the world aged 60 and over, which is twice as many as in 2020 (source: WHO). In addition, there are currently 40 million people affected by severe disability. For all these people, receiving sufficient health care at home while maintaining a level of autonomy is a critical yet […]

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Orange 2021 Research Exhibition: let’s prepare for the future!

This year, the exhibition has taken place on 23 and 24 March 2021, in a fully digital format. As in previous years, it serves as an opportunity for Orange researchers to share their expertise, their views and even their dreams around different topics related to innovation. This event is structured around three themes: 1- Ambient […]

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Measuring network usage for each mobile application

  In order to stay ahead of problems affecting the user experience (QoE) of its customers, an Internet service provider must monitor network traffic. This effort is limited by producers of content and applications using encryption and controlling data. This video demonstrates a mobile application that uses decentralised computing and non-intrusive sensors to provide users, […]