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Measuring network usage for each mobile application

  In order to stay ahead of problems affecting the user experience (QoE) of its customers, an Internet service provider must monitor network traffic. This effort is limited by producers of content and applications using encryption and controlling data. This video demonstrates a mobile application that uses decentralised computing and non-intrusive sensors to provide users, […]

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NoGap: New security monitoring technology in the Cloud

Summary More and more people and businesses are storing their data and deploying their applications in Cloud computing infrastructures that offer the advantage of powerful, flexible and inexpensive computing resources. The massive adoption of these infrastructures that concentrate sometimes sensitive data and applications makes them a prime target for IT attacks, hence the importance of […]

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An end-to-end open source mobile network with traffic prioritization mechanism

During the past few years, Telecommunications industry was characterized by continuous evolution and integration of innovative concepts. Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Cloud technologies are changing the way mobile networks are designed, deployed, and operated [1]. SDN improves network architecture by bringing dynamic scalability, easier management, and reducing the required manual effort. […]

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How to leverage the dormant resources of private datacenters

While the public cloud has grown very strongly over the past decade, private datacenters still account for almost 70% of IT server investments and twice the amount of resources. These are scaled according to their peak load and the infrastructures are partly redundant to withstand hardware failures. As a result, 50 to 80% of private […]

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Orange experiments with an open source aerial network at the French Windsurf Championships!

The spectators of the French Windsurf Championships have had the opportunity to experience real-time immersion thanks to a connectivity bubble.

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An example of semantics at work :
bridging two Internet of Things platforms

Here we illustrate the federating process through a small example from a (semi-)smart building, illustrated in the figure below. Our toy configuration consists of a room and a corridor in the same building. The room is equipped with a presence sensor and a door contact sensor, while the corridor is equipped with a movement sensor […]

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Paul Chaignon, at the heart of the transformation of networks

A doctoral student at Orange, Paul Chaignon is working on the programming of SDN/NFV infrastructures in order to make networks more agile, more flexible.

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Federating Platforms with Linked Data

MSPs are cohesive sets of hardware/software components or services that allow parties from different categories (“market sides”) to engage in information-mediated transactions through the platform. MSPs typically generate economies of scale as network effects starting from the demand end of value chains, rather than from supply, as used to be the case in the pre-network […]

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A convergent gateway to realize full fixed/mobile convergence

Mobile networks are today greatly centralized with a few gateways connecting mobile users to the Internet and referred to as Packet Gateways (PGW). Still today, cellular traffic is much smaller than fixed traffic, with peaks in mobile networks several orders of magnitude smaller than those in fixed networks, and a few PGW are sufficient to […]