In a constantly changing world, it is essential for researchers to anticipate the technological developments taking shape and to reflect on the fundamental changes in terms of uses and economic models, and more broadly on changes in society. Research lights our way forward, helping to shape a completely digital but nonetheless entirely human future.

Better Hearing Through Seeing: Separating Voices in an Audiovisual Stream

How can we improve voice quality with our connected devices? How can we make ourselves heard in every situation? With artificial intelligence, the voices of one or more speakers can be isolated in order to facilitate the use of voice assistants and improve videoconferencing.
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Quantum technologies: small scale, big destiny

Someone connects a smartphone to a connected object

Keeping an Eye on Connected Objects

A scientist leading a discussion on Open Science with colleagues in a laboratory.

Open science: the principles and tools of more accessible and efficient science


What if, one day, cash ceases to exist? Hopes and anxieties of the cashless society

A person handles a ten euro banknote

A sociological analysis of how teenagers spend their pocket money

A 5GCroco - Stellantis test car

Connected Cars En Route to Autonomy