At the doctor’s surgery, at the bank, at home, at work, in the car, out in the streets… data is everywhere in our daily lives. A staggering increase in the amount of data worldwide has opened up new and extensive potential uses for individuals, the economy and society. Yet there are still questions to be answered: why and how do we collect, process, use and ensure the safety of this data?

Open Banking: facilities for clients, data for banks

Based on data sharing via application programming interfaces, Open Banking is fostering innovation in the banking sector while increasing transaction security. Traditional banks can accelerate their digital transformation and clients can manage their finances better.

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Une femme sur un parking

Parking Just Got Smarter, with Edge Video Analytics

Une femme valide sa connexion à son smartphone.

Confidential computing fills a blind spot in data encryption

A boat next to an ocean buoy

A digital twin for better ocean governance


What if manufacturers shared their data?