In a constantly changing world, it is essential for researchers to anticipate the technological developments taking shape and to reflect on the fundamental changes in terms of uses and economic models, and more broadly on changes in society. Research lights our way forward, helping to shape a completely digital but nonetheless entirely human future.

AI Research for Discovering Faults in the Fiber Access Network

Diagnosing fiber access networks is a major challenge for Orange in order to achieve the best customer satisfaction rate and control operational costs. AI research teams are exploring solutions for discovering new faults.
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Une développeuse avec son ordinateur devant une armoire informatique
Une jeune femme pose une question au téléphone

Bank Fraud: Uncovering the Victim Experience to Better Support and Protect Customers

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Measuring Digital Technology’s Environmental Footprint: The Figures and Debates

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Connecting Drones to 4G/5G: What Are the Research Challenges?

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Spotlight on Intellectual Property

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Improving Orange Money Services through User Relationship Analysis

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Creating More Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Transport

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