Look around adds intelligence to the virtual tour experience

Look around is a virtual tour service which makes it possible to immerse yourself in a place, in a dimension that can be both geographical and historical. It is also a smart assistant that accompanies the visitor in order to offer them an enriched and personalised experience.

At the Roland-Garros French Open, the public will use Look around from 2 interactive terminals on 65"/55" 4K touch screens to immerse themselves in the history of the stadium of yesterday and tomorrow alike.

Look around is at the crossroads of several technologies and digital worlds – artificial intelligence (AI), 360° immersion, Big Data… And that’s what makes it so original. The visitor is guided by AI throughout the virtual immersion tour. What’s the aim? To answer all questions before, during and after visiting the location.

A dive into the history of the Roland-Garros French Open

At the Roland-Garros French Open 2018, the general public will be able to access Look around from 2 interactive terminals on 65″/55″ 4K touch screens to immerse themselves in the history of the stadium of yesterday and tomorrow alike. The solution includes a virtual tour service enriched by a smart assistant, textual content, and 360° videos and photos to explore the four major phases of the stadium’s transformation since 1928. “The 360° content is there to enhance the attractiveness and the ‘wow’ effect, while the smart assistant takes over to bring depth to the content and guide the user,” explains Anne-Laure Alliot, an Intrapreneur at the Intrapreneurs’ Studio within Orange. “The level of artificial intelligence on which the assistant is based is tailored to the expectations of the division’s customers. It will then be possible to offer more personalised support, adapted to the user’s browsing history, or even to anticipate certain predictive issues, just as it will be possible for the visitor to access the service before, during and after their visit from any terminal.”

A remarkable AI flexibility

Look around, unique because of the role AI plays, can be put to use in many places – from tourist or sports sites, to shopping centres, business premises, etc. – to provide guidance, for promotional purposes or to boost economic development. François Bourquin, Chief Digital Officer within Orange explains, “It has a number of benefits. For one thing, it groups and organises heterogeneous sources of information in order to simplify the user’s life and optimise their visit. It also allows industrial processing while applying individual and personalised answers. It is possible to control and calibrate this AI to increase the quality of the support given to the visitor in real time. It can also be combined with an e-commerce module to enable the user to make a purchase that they would have forgotten to make on the spot.”

There is a wealth of different functionalities and the level of artificial intelligence can be adapted according to the customer’s individual needs.

Look around is a valuable tool for users and professionals alike: users benefit from being given a guided tour by a digital companion, while professionals can optimise visits to their site by refining their knowledge of their visitors in order to offer them an even richer and more personalised experience.

> Roland-Garros 2018

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