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XR: 5G extends the boundaries of reality

Immersive systems known as Extended Reality (XR)—such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality—are gaining momentum for both personal and professional uses. However, these systems still have ways to go to deliver on their full potential; they sometimes struggle to achieve their ambition of interconnecting the real world with the virtual one due to […]

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Open source and networks: an immersive video solution shows the way

Open source (OS) frameworks (or software environments) enable players from the mobile network ecosystem to work together on collaborative projects that take advantage of the technological advances of networks, such as RAN softwarisation. They make it possible to directly design, test and validate innovative services that can be deployed on a large scale in the […]

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Look around adds intelligence to the virtual tour experience

Look around: the service combining several AI, VR, and 360° immersion technologies that offers visitors an exceptional and immersive personalised experience.

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Holotennis, the future of sport where virtual and augmented reality meet

Tennis takes on a whole new dimension with Holotennis by allowing players to face each other remotely in a virtual space while other people watch the match while it’s broadcasted through an augmented reality device. Hologram duel Developed in partnership with the start-ups Emissive and Mimesys, the solution provides an immersive experience with two people […]

Augmented Planet / Networks

Mobile World Congress: a brand new experience in immersive VR, thanks to 5G

In Barcelona, Orange is offering a 360° Live Streaming experience by using live images and virtual reality to transport users into one of the cabins of the city’s cable car.