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Words of innovation 3.0: tech experts explain!

Differentiating between virtual and augmented reality, understanding what is behind blockchain technology or the Metaverse, grasping the concepts of APIs, open source, or machine learning, all of which are mentioned in the media on a daily basis: it’s difficult! Popularizers of the tech world decipher in a simple way these technologies that contribute to the […]

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The metaverse

A possible definition of the metaverse is a future version of internet where virtual and persistent spaces are accessible through 3D interactions. It is a 3.0 web, an internet where we are not limited to clicking on links and chatting anymore, but a universe in which we can fully immerge ourselves, using virtual reality headsets. […]

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The metaverse: the future of the internet and digital practices

The word metaverse is the new buzzword in the tech world. It embodies the Internet of the future based on various booming technologies: 3D, AR/VR, Blockchain, connectivity. But what is it really? The metaverse is a set of persistent, interconnected and immersive virtual spaces accessible online through digital avatars that share and interact with each […]

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Journey Through the Metaverse: Digital Twins Are Synchronizing the Physical and Virtual

A digital twin is a digital representation of real-world entities — an object, system or process — that is synchronized with the real world. With sensors that relay information and two-way Internet of Things (IoT) object connections, this technology can synchronize the digital environment with the physical world and vice versa. Any change in the […]

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Journey through the Metaverse: Is the Future of Retail Virtual?

The digital media market is doing well thanks to video games. Many developers depend on it and are abandoning the hitherto dominant model of games being purchased as a finished product and giving each customer access to the same content. These developers now offer multiplayer applications and games, such as World of Warcraft, Fortnite or […]

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Journey Through the Metaverse: Technology is Ready, But Stakeholders Need to Link Up

The digital sector’s major stakeholders agree that it is not a question of if the metaverse will become a reality, but when. From user experience and telecoms infrastructure to human-machine interfaces, the entire metaverse value chain relies on several technological building blocks. Some of these components are well advanced already, while others still need to […]

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A journey into the metaverse: marketing opportunities in a connected and persistent world

There is no academic consensus on the definition of the metaverse, except that it is certainly the future of the internet. Facebook, the video game Fortnite, Microsoft… Each stakeholder seems to be designing their own vision of the metaverse. For Matthew Ball, author of the book Metaverse Primer and speaker at the Orange Silicon Valley […]

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Better compression and streaming to improve the audiovisual experience

While streaming audiovisual content may look simple to consumers, in reality, there are a number of complex technical stages and challenges that it has to go through before it reaches its destination at the highest quality. Put simply, the distribution of live and on-demand audiovisual content involves a range of technologies, including those to compress […]

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From smartphones to glasses: 5G supports the development of extended reality (XR)

Extended reality (XR) is one of the new use cases that exploits the full technological and innovative potential of 5G. The fifth generation of mobile networks is a key technical enabler of innovative and immersive experiences on the go. Increased performance in terms of latency, throughput and energy consumption and an ability to distribute processing […]

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Extended reality for learning, designing, visiting, etc.

The term “extended reality” (XR) refers to all environments that combine real and virtual elements with various levels of interactivity with and between these elements. This includes augmented reality (AR), which superposes virtual 2D or 3D elements onto a real environment, virtual reality (VR), which completely immerses the user in a virtual universe, and mixed […]

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Virtual reality, the new tool for evaluating user experience

Evaluating User eXperience (UX): In the lab or in situ? UX refers to “perceptions and responses of a user resulting from the use and/or intended use of a system, product or service.“ (ISO, 2019). In this area, the following are considered and studied: emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and physiological responses, behaviours and actions that […]

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XR: 5G extends the boundaries of reality

Immersive systems known as Extended Reality (XR)—such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality—are gaining momentum for both personal and professional uses. However, these systems still have ways to go to deliver on their full potential; they sometimes struggle to achieve their ambition of interconnecting the real world with the virtual one due to […]