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Data sharing increases data value for businesses

Fifteen years ago, an Open Data movement was launched, particularly by governments, to allow as many people as possible to access to public data. Everything changed with the early stages of Big Data. Previously viewed as waste left over from information systems, data became a valuable asset. Companies wanted to use data to create value, increase it […]

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Data and AI: How carriers can compete with GAFA

“When it comes to the economy, data is the new oil,” said entrepreneur Clive Humby in 2006. History has proven him right beyond all expectations. Empires have been built on bigger and bigger mountains of data. Over the course of a decade, GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) increased their sales from $78 billion in 2008 […]

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Quality of Service on Mobile Networks: What Data and AI Promise

Network coverage, voice quality, dropped-call rates, data speeds: quality of service (QoS) indicators are as diverse as they are accurate in order to provide an acute picture of customer experience levels. Poor quality of service is synonymous with ‘customer churn,’ where customers simply jump ship and move to the competition. As a result, all carriers […]

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DNA, hard drive of the future for our digital data?

The molecule that supports the genetic heritage of living organisms, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) contains all the information necessary for an organism to function. Since the works of American physicist Richard Feynman in the late 1950s, scientists have also been planning to use it as the support for human knowledge. In theory, it is quite simple: […]

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Shared computing: putting PCs to use in the fight against diseases

In March 2020, distributed computing project Folding@home exceeded the symbolic threshold of the exaflop and reached a computing speed superior to that of IBM’s Summit, the most powerful supercomputer at the time (since superseded by Fujitsu’s Fugaku). This feat was made possible thanks to the mobilisation of thousands of internet users, businesses and public institutions, […]

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Selective data sorting against dark data

According to a study by Veritas, 52 % of company data stored on servers is never used. This inert data is what is known as dark data. This can be data collected within the frame of an abandoned project or data that complies with regulatory compliance requirements and that has not been deleted within the legal […]

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Edge computing

Edge computing is a new stage in the evolution of cloud computing. It consists in shifting remote data storage and processing from distant servers to the edge of the network. Thus, the data no longer systematically pass through the “cloud”, but are processed locally, close to the people or machines that produce and/or consume them. […]

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Multicloud is a new step in the take up of the cloud by companies. As its name suggests, this approach consists in calling on several public cloud providers or using public and private clouds together. The benefit? By not putting all its eggs in one cloud, a company can gain availability and security as it […]

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Energy efficiency: AI for mobile networks

Each generation of mobile telephony networks coincides with a leap forward in energy efficiency per bit transported, the gains of which are estimated at a factor of 10 during the transition from one generation to the other. 5G is no exception to this rule and, from the infrastructure design stage, introduces new levers for technical […]

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Folder: Blockchain, from promises to results

Blockchain technology could profoundly alter the performance of many sectors of the economy, starting with banking, insurance and logistics. Concrete use cases are being planned. However, few players have developed revolutionary solutions and the potential of blockchain technology is still difficult to grasp.

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Your smartphone can hand you useful information on a plate

Imagine a meeting where you could instantly have access to information about the people, organisations and places mentioned by the other participants. Imagine a meeting where the documents needed to resolve a problem could automatically be made available to you with only your smartphone and a connection to an online service. This is a real […]

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How digital can make cities more resilient

Is the “smart city” outdated? The resilient city integrates and protects what matters in the running of a city… starting with its inhabitants.