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Smarter society / Research

Podcast – Interfaces that are more and more intuitive: joint interview with James Auger and Albert Moukheiber

James Auger, a designer, and Albert Moukheiber, a neuroscience researcher, discuss the integration of cognitive biases into the development of technological interfaces (devices, voice assistants, connected objects...) and advocate for digital education.

Augmented Planet / Networks

Big Data: when data improve the energy efficiency of networks

With increasingly accurate measurements of its energy consumption, Orange is building more efficient and less energy-intensive networks.

Augmented Planet / Networks

The networks of the future will be less energy-intensive

Fixed and mobile networks represent more than two-thirds of Orange's energy consumption. How can we improve the energy efficiency of existing and future networks?

Augmented Planet / Networks

In Bercenay: the Orange teleport is celebrating its 40th birthday!

The Bercenay Teleport is using satellites to provide all forms of telecommunications coverage worldwide: from Brazil to India, but also from the United States to Korea.

Smarter society / Smart Cities

Look around adds intelligence to the virtual tour experience

Look around: the service combining several AI, VR, and 360° immersion technologies that offers visitors an exceptional and immersive personalised experience.

Smarter society / Innovation

At VivaTech, innovation both proves and demonstrates its value

Orange is taking part in the VivaTech show, where 8,000 start-ups from around the world are gathered, including 120 endorsed by the Group who have come to present useful innovations useful which are beneficial for the largest number of people.

Smarter society / Internet of things

AI, the key to useful data exploitation

Connected objects are generating an increasingly large bulk of data. To process it in a useful way, the key is to look towards artificial intelligence...

Smarter society / Internet of things

Pascal Ancian: moving towards a more useful, inclusive and trusted internet of things

This is the dawn of a new age! Orange is preparing for the IoT revolution to build a smart, useful, inclusive and trusted internet of things.

Smarter society / Internet of things

Optimising video call quality with I Can See You!

At Orange, Servane Crave, a research engineer, and Paul Tchoumi, a voice product engineer, are working on I Can See You!, a video call optimisation system for smartphones.

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

Did you know?

The number of connected things worldwide is set to rise from 8.4 billion in 2017 to 20.4 billion in 2020. Source: Gartner, January 2017

Smarter society / Smart Cities

The self-driving car – a world of intelligence

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Smarter society / Economy

Did you know?

Funding of blockchain fintechs reached 450 million dollars globally in 2016 (+ 79% compared to 2015). Source : PwC