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Better Hearing Through Seeing: Separating Voices in an Audiovisual Stream

Voice Is Alive and Well Speaking is one of the fastest modes of communication, averaging 200 words per minute. This fact makes it the preferred means of conveying information in human interactions. The recent pandemic has overhauled the way we communicate by making telecommuting and videoconferencing accessible to many. Voice interactions are gradually becoming dependent […]

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Flasback 2021

At a time of great challenges, companies are giving priority to technological innovation. They learn to master change to build a new future that is mainly digital driven. Driven by the demands of a new reality over the past 18 months, companies have adapted to the unexpected acceleration of technological advances. Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud […]

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Women in Tech

Women now hold only 24% of all digital jobs worldwide. Orange, attentive to diversity in each country where it operates, promotes the representation of women and men in activities related to new technologies. We are taking concrete action to change attitudes and combat stereotypes: – Offering programs such as “shadowing” allows young girls to discover, […]

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When the evolution of species inspires algorithms

Human beings have always drawn from nature to develop new technologies and techniques. This highly fertile process of innovation is known as “bioinspiration” or “biomimicry”. Since the mid 1960’s, scientists and engineers have been taking inspiration from Charles Darwin’s theory on the evolution of species that the English naturalist developed in his 1859 book “On […]

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Using Blockchain and Machine Learning to Protect Copyrights

Creators have a hard time protecting their works in the digital age, with images being published on the Internet without authors’ permission or being misused to feed fake news. The sheer number of images posted online every day and the high cost of protection tools currently on the market make this task even more difficult! […]

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Connected Cars En Route to Autonomy

On October 21, 2021, the 5GCroCo project teams—who come from carriers in multiple countries and from car manufacturers for different brands—showcased their work. “This is an important step after 12 years of research on connected mobility,” says Cédric Seureau, Program Manager at Orange Innovation. “5GCAR, a previous project, aimed to design the global architecture, taking into […]

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AI for predictive building maintenance from Sitowie

For Pauline Koch, a professional architect and CEO & Founder of Sitowie (one of the six start-ups selected in the third edition of the Women Start program organized by Orange), it was becoming difficult to design, construct and even manage buildings without knowing how they would age. “In France, we don’t have the data to […]

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Unbiased AI: Are Companies Ready?

The development and deployment of artificial intelligence technologies is accelerating. But the presence of discriminatory or unfair biases in many AI solutions is worrying. For example, many remain scarred by the Amazon model for CV sorting, which was scrapped after 3 years because it rejected females, and today methods of addressing bias still vary greatly. […]

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How could quantum computing help in the fight against climate change?

Managing the intermittency of renewable energies Quantum computing should speed up machine learning, thus enabling electricity providers to include more variables and predict the availability of intermittent renewable energy sources. Quantum optimization algorithms could be used to identify the best spots for installing solar power plants or wind farms according to sun or wind sites. […]

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Data and AI: How carriers can compete with GAFA

“When it comes to the economy, data is the new oil,” said entrepreneur Clive Humby in 2006. History has proven him right beyond all expectations. Empires have been built on bigger and bigger mountains of data. Over the course of a decade, GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) increased their sales from $78 billion in 2008 […]

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Measuring and guiding: How data has contributed to tackling the health crisis

How can we predict the evolution of a pandemic — a complex phenomenon involving a mix of biological and social considerations? How can we provide the political authorities with matrices to assess the effectiveness of health measures? Data and AI, or Data Intelligence, offers concrete solutions to these new challenges imposed by the health crisis, […]

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Quality of Service on Mobile Networks: What Data and AI Promise

Network coverage, voice quality, dropped-call rates, data speeds: quality of service (QoS) indicators are as diverse as they are accurate in order to provide an acute picture of customer experience levels. Poor quality of service is synonymous with ‘customer churn,’ where customers simply jump ship and move to the competition. As a result, all carriers […]