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Encrypting or classifying Internet traffic: do we have to choose?

Internet traffic encryption yesterday, today and tomorrow Traffic encryption is the practice that aims to make data exchanged over networks incomprehensible to unauthorized observers. Figure 1: End-to-end traffic encryption on the Internet On the Internet, traffic encryption was popularized by Netscape, with the introduction of SSL, the ancestor of TLS, in 1995 and has grown […]

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MWC 2021: With Pikeo, 5G Networks Switch to the Cloud and Become Autonomous

Previous generations of mobile networks were largely based on more monolithic and confined proprietary solutions, but 5G allows greater openness and flexibility, building on the advantages of cloud architectures and open-source technologies. Preparing the Networks of the Future Established technologies in the world of IT and service platforms are now being applied to networks: automation, […]

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Advocating for ethical and responsible AI by design

Awareness of all stakeholders: regulatory, business, society Since 2018, through various studies, Europe has been promoting ethical AI by offering simple recommendations. In 2021, however, it will define a binding legal framework on the use of AI algorithms with the introduction of high-risk artificial intelligence systems [1]. At the same time, businesses are starting to […]

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Personality derived from data can revolutionise smart services

New generation services are currently being developed at Orange Labs. The ideas that have been generated deserve to be shared in order to provoke reflection about the future ahead. One such new concept is a self-personalised service — a service that is aware of the user’s personality. This idea can both revolutionise the thinking behind […]

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Orange 2021 Research Exhibition: let’s prepare for the future!

This year, the exhibition has taken place on 23 and 24 March 2021, in a fully digital format. As in previous years, it serves as an opportunity for Orange researchers to share their expertise, their views and even their dreams around different topics related to innovation. This event is structured around three themes: 1- Ambient […]

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Simulated data on household activity: we evaluate how realistic it really is!

  To ensure that these ambient intelligence approaches perform well, data collection must take place over several weeks and is very often laborious due to the range of different environments and living situations. Home Activity Simulator therefore seeks to build these datasets not by using sensors in real houses, but by recreating these houses in […]

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A machine that lends an ear

  The embedded sound recognition models are designed to respect privacy as much as possible, shorten processing times, limit connectivity requirements and improve the energy efficiency of the system. Distributed learning is used to ensure that the service is increasingly efficient, while respecting data confidentiality. Sound source detection technology makes it possible to recognise sounds […]

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Federated AI and reactivity of network alert systems

  With federated AI, mobile network usage data is processed in edge mode, i.e. as close as possible to the aerial. This makes it a technology that has significant potential to improve the reactivity of network alert systems. Unlike centralised AI, sensitive data is protected, since it does not circulate over the network. Calculations, performed […]

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Artificial intelligence that is gentle, sensitive and distributed

  The incredible progress made with Artificial Intelligence (AI) inspires hope that solutions may be found to some of humanity’s problems, for example problems relating to health or the environment. It does, however, also raise many fears, including the fear that a surveillance society is being created. Henri Sanson’s presentation looks at three major current […]

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AI, the anti-Covid toolbox

Sought after to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis, artificial intelligence (AI) has proven its effectiveness in several aspects of the fight against the pandemic, be it in understanding this new coronavirus, diagnosing it, predicting its evolution, slowing down its spread, or speeding up other aspects of medical research. Over a year after the crisis […]

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When teleworking, the IoT, and AI reduce our carbon emissions

Can ecological transition and digital transformation go hand in hand? The carbon footprint of the digital sector is far from insignificant: 4 % of greenhouses gases at the beginning of 2021 and twice that by 2025 according to the ADEME, the French agency for ecological transition. However, although digital may be a burden on the habitability […]

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Open RAN: European carriers gain momentum

Open RAN promises more open, flexible, innovative and efficient radio access networks. These features will be expressed as much on the carrier side, in terms of deployment and operation, as for end customers who will benefit particularly from improved service quality. Stimulate the ecosystem, accelerate developments The agreement formalised on 20 January 2021 and signed […]