Different eras come with technological innovations that define each generation, and ours is characterised by access to digital technology. In everyday life, at home, at work and even out in the streets, digital technology is revolutionising how we do things, and above all, how we interact with one another and our environment. Digital culture is increasingly found at the root of social and environmental matters.

Journey through the Metaverse: Is the Future of Retail Virtual?

Browse stores in a virtual world, buy something and have it delivered to your physical mailbox. This is v-commerce, or virtual commerce, and it goes beyond virtual worlds and games to redefine how we buy and consume, in this and all other realities.
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A woman uses a virtual reality headset
People are connected by light lines as a spider's web

Journey Through the Metaverse: Technology is Ready, But Stakeholders Need to Link Up

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A journey into the metaverse: marketing opportunities in a connected and persistent world

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Using Blockchain and Machine Learning to Protect Copyrights

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Illustration of a researcher analyzing semiconductor materials

Semiconductors, a strategic issue for the economy and innovation

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Workers with hard hats in an industrial environment

AI for predictive building maintenance from Sitowie

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A woman, in front of her large computer screen, massages her temples

Eye Health at Work Supported by a Chatbot

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