Different eras come with technological innovations that define each generation, and ours is characterised by access to digital technology. In everyday life, at home, at work and even out in the streets, digital technology is revolutionising how we do things, and above all, how we interact with one another and our environment. Digital culture is increasingly found at the root of social and environmental matters.

M. Saliou (Technofeminism): “Technology imposes a deterministic approach”

● In her book “Technofeminism – How digital technology is worsening inequalities” (Grasset), journalist Mathilde Saliou takes stock of the sexist mechanisms propagated in the digital space.
● From making women invisible in the digital world to the ethics of algorithms, this book invites us to look at technology from a new socio-historical angle by going back to the foundations of the mechanisms of discrimination in the digital sector.
● Whether in video games, masculinist forums or amongst business peers, this essay offers a counter-history of the digital world based on the exclusion of women and other minorities.
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Mathilde Saliou - photo crédit © Jean-François Paga, chez Grasset

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