Different eras come with technological innovations that define each generation, and ours is characterised by access to digital technology. In everyday life, at home, at work and even out in the streets, digital technology is revolutionising how we do things, and above all, how we interact with one another and our environment. Digital culture is increasingly found at the root of social and environmental matters.

Organic semiconductors open up new possibilities in electronics

Printed organic electronics offer alternative and complementary solutions to silicon-based electronics in sectors such as consumer electronics, the Internet of Things, medicine and logistics.
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Printed organic electronics
Deux personnes se tiennent la main entourées de lumières bleues

Words of innovation 3.0: tech experts explain!

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Groupe de personne célébrant la nouvelle année

Flashback 2021

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A man uses a virtual reality headset

The metaverse: the future of the internet and digital practices

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A city with 3D skyscrapers

Journey Through the Metaverse: Digital Twins Are Synchronizing the Physical and Virtual

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Women in Tech

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