Max it: An All-in-One Application for Smartphone Users in the Middle East and Africa

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• Orange is launching a one-stop super-app in the Middle East and Africa region to simplify and enhance the customer experience.
• It allows users to access Orange’s services and the products and services of many Orange partners — all in one place.

Launched on November 24, 2023, in the Middle East and Africa region, Max it is a “ .” The concept started out in China with WeChat. What was initially a simple instant messaging app for smartphones has evolved into an entire ecosystem of hugely successful digital services. Having first spread to Southeast Asia and India, super-apps are now emerging in other regions, including Africa.

The super-app capitalizes on Orange’s long-standing roots in the Middle East and Africa and on the two pillars of its service offering: My Orange and Orange Money

A New Playground

Designed to be genuine hubs for mobile services, the primary goal of super-apps is to make life easier for customers. They are likely to have considerable appeal, especially in a region where smartphones are the gateway to everyday digital life. Orange took the ambitious decision to gain a foothold in this market based on a three-stage roadmap. The Group can capitalize on its long-standing roots in the Middle East and Africa region and on the two pillars of its service offering there: the My Orange (account management) and Orange Money (mobile banking) apps, which have amassed a total of 22 million users to date.

Aggregated Services

Max it v1 combines most of the services that existed separately in My Orange and Orange Money, these now being divided into a ‘My Line’ section and a ‘My Wallet’ section,” explains Tarik El Hajjar, Head of Multiservice, Partnerships & E-Commerce Strategy at Orange Middle East & Africa. “The app includes an innovative third section in the form of a content marketplace where many partners can sign up to distribute their products. There will also be a ticketing service. Finally, the user interface has a pared-back iconographic design to make it as accessible as possible.” Max it v1 is available in six African countries: Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Botswana.

Continuous Enhancement

In the first quarter of 2024, the app will be upgraded to an enhanced second version (v2), which will coincide with its rollout to a further eight countries. It will then host new services, including a space dedicated to content creators. The objective is to support local content production and provide users with the means and tools to simplify and monetize their creations.

Max it v3 is expected later in 2024, when the app will be introduced to three new countries: Central African Republic, Madagascar and Jordan. This will take the total to 17 countries. “The third release of the super-app will extend its capabilities to physical products. Through a simplified onboarding process, merchants will be able to develop their business at a regional level and will be put in touch with specialists, for example logistics providers, if needed.” Lastly, the Max it ecosystem has the potential to expand further and welcome offers from other partners, which can be integrated seamlessly in the form of microservices.
Max it will be a genuine all-in-one app offering all its users a unique and comprehensive experience adapted to the specific needs of each country.

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