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White Paper: Sustainability-focused Mobile Technologies for 2030 and Beyond

• In a new white paper on mobile communications for the decade 2030–2040, the Orange Group argues that society needs to be a stakeholder in the design of the networks of the future.
• This approach is part of a global rationale of sustainability.
• Research Program Manager Marie-Hélène Hamon discusses the dynamics of innovation in mobile network technologies, the importance of societal dialogue and some of the expected technical developments.
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Cover of the white paper about future network technology - couverture du livre blanc réseaux du futur

P-C. Langlais (PLEAIS): “Our language models are trained on open corpora”

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Competition in the race for AI shakes up the world of semiconductors

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GettyImages - neurotech

Vie privée, ondes cérébrales : encadrer les neurotechnologies

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GettyImages - solar energy

An Algorithm to Predict Solar Energy Generation

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GettyImages - Parkinson

Portable IoT device helps Parkinson’s disease patients to manage their symptoms

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The Easy-to-Deploy LatenceTech Solution Measures Connectivity Performance

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