Trust and security at the heart of the Vote+ system

A PhD student at Orange working specifically on the Vote+ project, Quentin Santos presents this new secure and transparent online voting solution. Where Le Vote focuses on decentralizing elections using blockchain, Vote+ secures them using cryptography.

Vote+ is an online voting system that supports several voting methods and, using advanced encryption mechanisms (cryptography) and blockchain technology, ensures the secrecy of the ballot as well as its sincerity, transparency and security (results verification and controlled voting procedures).

As Quentin Santos, a PhD student at Orange in charge of developing this project, points out, the Vote+ solution – for use in political and professional elections as well as polls in general – offers high-level security guarantees and in addition more representative voting methods. These features could restore the confidence of citizens, employees and voters in the democratic process, and increase voter turnout. This system was presented at the 2017 Salon de la Recherche on December 5-7.

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