The metaverse

Julien Chièze, creator specialized in video games and new technologies, explains a word of innovation which is one of the big tech trends of the moment: the metaverse.

A possible definition of the metaverse is a future version of internet where virtual and persistent spaces are accessible through 3D interactions.

It is a 3.0 web, an internet where we are not limited to clicking on links and chatting anymore, but a universe in which we can fully immerge ourselves, using virtual reality headsets.

This metaverse is a world similar to science fiction pieces such as Ready Player One or Matrix. Except this time the universe is real and alternative, shaped according to our desires. They are universes in which we can dream, play, work, love, consume, exercise… In other words: where we can live a second life!

This technology is as fascinating as a little bit creepy, since it raises obviously a lot of technical, social but also ethical questions.

This should keep us busy for the decades to come!

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