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The open source

To put it simply, it is in fact a software whose code is designed to be publicly accessible. The open source is actually a license applied to software, but also to any intellectual creation. In the scenario of a software, this license thus indicates that everyone can check its source code. Everyone will then be […]

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The metaverse

A possible definition of the metaverse is a future version of internet where virtual and persistent spaces are accessible through 3D interactions. It is a 3.0 web, an internet where we are not limited to clicking on links and chatting anymore, but a universe in which we can fully immerge ourselves, using virtual reality headsets. […]

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Quantum technologies: small scale, big destiny

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When the evolution of species inspires algorithms

Human beings have always drawn from nature to develop new technologies and techniques. This highly fertile process of innovation is known as “bioinspiration” or “biomimicry”. Since the mid 1960’s, scientists and engineers have been taking inspiration from Charles Darwin’s theory on the evolution of species that the English naturalist developed in his 1859 book “On […]

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Self-supervised learning paves the way for a common-sense AI

In March 2021, the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) laboratories unveiled a new computer vision model developed in cooperation with the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria). The particularity of this model, named “SEER” (for Self-supERvised), is that it has been pretrained on one billion random, unlabelled Instagram images, thanks […]

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MWC 2021: With Pikeo, 5G Networks Switch to the Cloud and Become Autonomous

Previous generations of mobile networks were largely based on more monolithic and confined proprietary solutions, but 5G allows greater openness and flexibility, building on the advantages of cloud architectures and open-source technologies. Preparing the Networks of the Future Established technologies in the world of IT and service platforms are now being applied to networks: automation, […]

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The inventors of PINNs define them as “neural networks that are trained to solve supervised learning tasks while respecting any given law of physics described by general nonlinear partial differential equations”. Indeed, algorithms do not necessarily take into account the physical principles governing the systems to which they are applied. Yet, the behaviour of these […]

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Datavenue challenge: The Dona Care connected watch monitors the health of senior citizens

What is Life Plus’s story? Since late 2015, Life Plus has been developing technologies to prevent frailty in people over the age of 65. Our solutions aim to prevent people from becoming frail and, ideally, prolong independence. There are around 20 people in our company, all from a variety of backgrounds but most are technically […]

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Wi-Fi 6 connects busy home environments

Over the course of its successive versions, the 802.11 standard, which specifies the characteristics of wireless local area networks, or Wi-Fi, has expanded its capabilities, particularly in terms of speed. Some generations stand out as notable technological leaps, and this is the case with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax standard). A standard tailored to high-density environments Hélène […]

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Personality derived from data can revolutionise smart services

New generation services are currently being developed at Orange Labs. The ideas that have been generated deserve to be shared in order to provoke reflection about the future ahead. One such new concept is a self-personalised service — a service that is aware of the user’s personality. This idea can both revolutionise the thinking behind […]

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Detecting and characterising cognitive and affective states

  As Laetitia Gros points out at a conference at Orange’s 2021 Research Exhibition, this is in line with a very obvious trend: an increasing number of tools for measuring emotions (EEG or electroencephalographic headsets and watches) are soon to be available on the market. A question mark remains over the relevance of these tools, […]

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Artificial intelligence that is gentle, sensitive and distributed

  The incredible progress made with Artificial Intelligence (AI) inspires hope that solutions may be found to some of humanity’s problems, for example problems relating to health or the environment. It does, however, also raise many fears, including the fear that a surveillance society is being created. Henri Sanson’s presentation looks at three major current […]