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The sensitive home is built and rebuilt with the Home’in platform

The Home’in platform will rely on a flexible and sensitive home assistant you can trust.

Over the next few years, artificial intelligence will have the power to simplify our daily lives and improve our quality of life. Our homes will become smart and empathetic to save us time and increase our wellbeing, providing freedom to dependent family members and ensuring the safety of those close to us.

To make this sensitive home a reality, technologies not only have to be fully secure and mindful of everyone’s personal data, but also provide a tool to open up to and connect with others.

The challenge of Home’in integrated research platform launched by Orange is to design this sensitive home to safeguard your private life without locking anyone in a bubble. This raises technology and experience-design issues, not to mention fundamental sociological and anthropological questions about how we relate to one another, our household and our home itself.

The sensitive home will rely on an assistant to serve you in your home like a “digital butler”. Home’in consists of an experimental home in which technologies and their uses are deployed and tested live onsite. A shared architecture will streamline the integration of new technological devices, allowing each contributor to work in an open, interoperable environment.

To what end? The goal is to allow builders, developers, entrepreneurs, sociologists, anthropologists, designers, etc., to use this platform to help design and build the sensitive home of tomorrow. Orange will be contributing its IoT connectivity and usage know-how to the Home’in platform, in addition to using its international capabilities in the field of security. The shared challenge will be in joining together to build a home that safeguards the private lives of its occupants without isolating them.

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The Home’in platform will rely on a flexible and sensitive home assistant you can trust.

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