At the doctor’s surgery, at the bank, at home, at work, in the car, out in the streets… data is everywhere in our daily lives. A staggering increase in the amount of data worldwide has opened up new and extensive potential uses for individuals, the economy and society. Yet there are still questions to be answered: why and how do we collect, process, use and ensure the safety of this data?

Materializing data to understand it better

Data physicalization is at the crossroads of information visualization and tangible interfaces. It makes data less abstract so that a wider public can understand it and appropriate it more easily. This emerging field of research offers new possibilities to meet the rising democratic challenge that is every person’s ability to analyze and interpret an increasing volume of data.
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A woman holds a molecular model
Three people check data on a tablet.

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Homme assis à un poste de travail face à des ordinateurs mettant en avant des données.

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Deux femmes scientifiques dans un laboratoire, discutant de données médicales.

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