At the doctor’s surgery, at the bank, at home, at work, in the car, out in the streets… data is everywhere in our daily lives. A staggering increase in the amount of data worldwide has opened up new and extensive potential uses for individuals, the economy and society. Yet there are still questions to be answered: why and how do we collect, process, use and ensure the safety of this data?

Confidential computing fills a blind spot in data encryption

Encryption, a key trust issue for businesses, has so far been limited to data at rest and in transit. Confidential computing extends this protection to data undergoing processing.

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Une femme valide sa connexion à son smartphone.
A boat next to an ocean buoy

A digital twin for better ocean governance

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What if manufacturers shared their data?

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A woman holds a molecular model

Materializing data to understand it better

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Three people check data on a tablet.

Data sharing increases data value for businesses

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