AI is playing a key part in reshaping and developing businesses, and in improving people’s daily lives. Different concepts, tools and technologies that use algorithms—such as blockchain, machine and deep learning, natural language processing etc.—are beginning to show exciting possibilities that will support and optimise human intelligence. If guided by an ethical and responsible approach, this field can offer numerous rewards.

Ethics and AI: 2023 heralds “a Wild West era in generative AI”

● A researcher working on the ethics of artificial intelligence for the Franco-American company Hugging Face, Giada Pistilli warns against the risks posed by generative AI models like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion.
● She explains her concern that the quantity of data on which these tools are trained is being prioritised over data quality, which is leading to legal disputes over copyright, notably in the field of AI generated images.
● She also highlights the risk of algorithmic bias in content generation tools that have been trained on undisclosed data.
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AI ethics
Getty Images - Face aux fake news, les pouvoirs publics financent des arsenaux IA

Public authorities fund AI arsenal to combat fake news

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Getty Images - AgriTech - Verdant Robotics

Precision agriculture: AI enters the the field

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Touch2See: test par un supporteur au Vélodrome pendant un match Paris-Nice / test by a supporter during a Paris-Nice match

Touch2See Puts Sports at Your Fingertips

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The AI putting a sports coach in your smartphone

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Getty Images - young scientist using a digital tablet while working with crops on a farm

Technology against food waste

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Sensors and AI ensure the good health of bridges

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