AI is playing a key part in reshaping and developing businesses, and in improving people’s daily lives. Different concepts, tools and technologies that use algorithms—such as blockchain, machine and deep learning, natural language processing, generative AI, etc.—are beginning to show exciting possibilities that will support and optimise human intelligence. If guided by an ethical and responsible approach, this field can offer numerous rewards.

The man/machine duality, an illusion to be overcome

Human science researchers are increasingly interested artificial intelligence. In the United States in particular, where ethnographer Tricia Wang, founder of the blog Ethnography Matters, and anthropologist Madeleine Clare Elish, a specialist in autonomous systems, speak inter alia about the need to rethink the relationship between humanity and machines.
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Orange presents Artificial Intelligence

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Action through thought, from fantasy to reality?

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Virtual reality in the department of therapeutic research

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Pillo, l’assistant santé à domicile

Pillo, the home health assistant

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