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Never Too Many Neurons in Speech Recognition

The field of speech recognition has been the talk of the town for decades and now has numerous applications, from automatic captioning to callbots. And its revolution continues today, with the exploration of end-to-end neural approaches.

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A woman talks to her smartphone
Une femme utilise la Livebox 6

Livebox 6 and Wi-Fi 6E: Reap All the Rewards of Very High Speed Broadband in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Un groupe de personnes travaillant, penchés au-dessus d'une table

Luminis: Orange’s Community of Inventors

Une femme sur un parking

Parking Just Got Smarter, with Edge Video Analytics

Une femme valide sa connexion à son smartphone.

Confidential computing fills a blind spot in data encryption

A boat next to an ocean buoy

A digital twin for better ocean governance


Generative AI: a new approach to overcome data scarcity