The AI putting a sports coach in your smartphone

Man doing yoga and making video over digital camera attached to ring light. Yoga teacher live streaming exercises at home.
The startup, Coach-AI, has launched the first 3D motion capture engine embedded in a smartphone. This computer vision AI will be presented at the “Move your body” hackathon organized by Orange.

With a firm belief that will revolutionize the way we learn and entertain ourselves, Coach-AI has built an innovative smartphone-integrated 3D motion processing engine. Developers can use it to create mixed reality apps for sports or entertainment. Specifically, the Coach-AI engine captures and recognizes body movements using the camera on your cellphone. These movements can then be integrated into apps – for example in augmented reality, mixed reality or the metaverse. “Using advanced computer vision and data analysis technology, the camera analyzes each movement you make, teaches you how to dance or play tennis, provides you with advice and can transport you to a virtual world with your own body,” explains Mati Kochavi, Managing Director of Coach-AI. “You can play alone or with others, remotely in the same virtual space.

The camera analyzes every one of your movements in order to teach you how to dance or play tennis, provide you with advice or transport you to a virtual world with your own body.

Mastering computer vision

In its laboratories, Coach-AI has a team composed of scientists, computer vision experts and software engineers working on the latest advances in machine learning and AI-based product development for mixed reality environments. It took them three years to build this unprecedented AI engine, testament to the extreme complexity of computer vision. Since then, Coach-AI has been tested by several brands and has become the most advanced AI engine of this type in the world. “We’re giving businesses, content creators and developers a tool that uses computer vision to allow them to invent a new category of positive experiences enabling users to interact with the digital world,” says Mati Kochavi. “The range of possibilities is immense, but today we are focusing on human activity.

Creating an innovation ecosystem

Since November 2022, Coach-AI has been participating in the “Move your body” hackathon organized by the Orange teams, with people from the world of single-player and multiplayer sports. This allows the company to create new multiplayer use cases developed by a panel of publishers of sports, gaming or fitness cellphone applications. Eve Hohman, Director of Open Innovation at Orange, explains: “Enabling Coach-AI to interact with developers and publishers is a perfect example of our open innovation approach with other digital sector stakeholders to create a co-innovation ecosystem and thereby foster the emergence of innovative solutions for our customers. Our developers and other stakeholders in our ecosystem, such as Sporty Peppers, for example, have already tested the Coach-AI engine. The feedback is very positive, and we are committed to taking things further.”  Embarking on this adventure with Coach-AI, Orange also hopes to explore and test what 5G can bring to this cutting-edge engineIt is 5G that will enable users to play together remotely with low latency,” says Eve HohmanBy removing the boundary between the real and the virtual, 5G can dramatically improve the user experience.

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