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Satellite Technology Opens the Door to New Frontiers for the Internet of Things

“New Space” is redrawing our map of the stars. Once the sole preserve of the world’s superpowers, space exploration is rapidly becoming more popular with new private-sector players making their entrance. High-profile figures like Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) are at the forefront of a vast ecosystem comprising more than a thousand companies. Spearheading France’s […]

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Using Blockchain and Machine Learning to Protect Copyrights

Creators have a hard time protecting their works in the digital age, with images being published on the Internet without authors’ permission or being misused to feed fake news. The sheer number of images posted online every day and the high cost of protection tools currently on the market make this task even more difficult! […]

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AI for predictive building maintenance from Sitowie

For Pauline Koch, a professional architect and CEO & Founder of Sitowie (one of the six start-ups selected in the third edition of the Women Start program organized by Orange), it was becoming difficult to design, construct and even manage buildings without knowing how they would age. “In France, we don’t have the data to […]

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Eye Health at Work Supported by a Chatbot

“Companies provide employees with computers but give them no guidance on best practices for avoiding eye damage,” says Nathalie Willart, orthoptist and Founder of Coach For Eyes. “In companies today, more than 70% of employees complain of eyestrain,” she adds. This issue is exacerbated by employees’ overexposure to digital technology. To mitigate the risks inherent […]

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Quantum computer: startup Pasqal is banking on cold atoms

Quantum computing is set to revolutionize the area of intensive computing and open up new possibilities for solving certain specific problems, deemed intractable, within a reasonable timeframe. The construction of a quantum computer does however come up against several obstacles. The largest of these being decoherence, that is to say the fact that the system […]

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CES 2021 characterised by the pandemic

The 2021 edition of CES was particular in both style and content. Due to the pandemic, the Las Vegas CES was held entirely online this year, with the digital version losing much of the charm of this prestigious gathering of all things digital, one of the main attractions of which consists in wandering from stand […]

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Augmented reality with a video package

The start-up Skyboy has been deploying its concept of Overlap Reality for four years now, in a range of different contexts and use cases, spanning the cultural, tourism and event industries. To create unique and optimised immersive experiences, the company layers cutting-edge cinematic expertise over AR technology, guaranteeing very high-quality content. Patented Overlap Reality technology […]

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Connected field robots ease the burden for farmers

For millennia, agricultural revolutions have had decisive impacts on the life and well-being of human societies. Gradual improvements in knowledge, tools and techniques, and occasional technological breakthroughs, have made it possible to feed larger populations: the development of the plough around the 1st millennium BC; the rise of windmills around 1000 AD; the techniques of […]

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Training breaks new ground with 5G

Like many other sectors, workplace learning (AFEST — action de formation en situation de travail) has been implemented very differently since the start of the year due to the pandemic situation. Remote learning has become more important than ever, reaffirming the value of the digitalisation and innovation processes that began a few years ago. A […]

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International crisis prevention, management and resolution: the assets of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies make it possible to spot patterns in large, heterogeneous datasets, and to anticipate certain phenomena. They are also powerful tools for finding solutions to certain global problems that are as urgent as they are complex. They are being used more and more by government institutions and humanitarian and development organisations at […]

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Pollutant monitoring: example of an IoT partnership

The many players in the IoT “constellation” differ in their respective fields, backgrounds and expertise. Orange believes that these players need to be combined to make the technological cosmos shine and has therefore launched the Datavenue Ready label. By creating close and lasting ties with these partners, Orange can contribute to the development and promotion of […]

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KeeeX, the startup that enables document certification

How did your startup, KeeeX, come to be? Originally, the idea was to turn any type of document into an “augmented” file via technical metadata and proofs of integrity, identity and date, a file whose cryptographic fingerprint could be anchored, or not, in the blockchain. Our added value lies in the fact that the proofs […]