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Blockchain to the rescue of professional sport?

Since the creation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, many sectors have become interested in blockchain, such as agri-food, healthcare or energy. This distributed and decentralised data storage and transmission technology is also spreading into the world of sport. Beyond the hype, it could help build technical solutions to problems that the industry has had for a […]

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Vendée Globe: Heading for innovation

The Vendée Globe race is not only an incredible human challenge, it is also an extraordinary technological adventure. And the 2020–2021 edition, won by Yannick Bestaven at the end of January 2021, was no exception. Several innovative ideas were tested, particularly when it came to spectator experience — a key issue for a race with […]

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At the Vendée Globe, interpersonal communication is becoming more immersive than ever

With restrictions in place due to the health crisis, the Vendée Globe reinvented itself this year, transporting spectators as close to the action as possible — right to the pontoons and on deck. The viewing experience has become more interactive and immersive, driven forwards by Orange Events’ expertise in connectivity and knowledge of innovative players […]

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Vendée Globe: Innovative ways to immerse viewers in the heart of the action

How can we reinvent the way we consume and watch great sporting events? On the occasion of Vendée Globe, the prestigious solo race around the world that Orange Events is proud to partner, two unprecedented formats are available to help spectators feel close to the action and the adventurers of the high seas. Live experiences […]

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Networks enable an up-close Vendée Globe experience

While the Vendée Globe is above all the most prestigious solo round-the-world sailing race and an exceptional adventure for the skippers taking part, it is also a tremendous occasion for innovation and an opportunity to reinvent the way large-scale outdoor sporting events are experienced by the general public. Planning under extraordinary circumstances Orange Events, the […]

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When the Vendée Globe innovations are exported

On November 8th, 2020, the 33 competitors of the Vendée Globe set sail from the Sables d’Olonne once again to sail round the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance. This unparalleled competition may be boosted by technological innovation, but another phenomenon has also been at work over the past few years: the increasingly sophisticated technology […]

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Vendée Globe 2020: innovation at the service of speed

On November 8th, 2020, 33 skippers set sail to tackle the “Everest of the seas”. This year again, the aim is clear: to break speed records. Armel Le Cléac’h, winner of the previous edition, made his round-the-world trip in 74 days. In 2020, the competitors hope to make it in less than 70 days. To achieve […]

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With Holosport, sporting events take on a new dimension

Orange, Magic Leap and Emissive have offered a preview of a viewing experience for a spatial computing (augmented/mixed reality) tennis match, featuring 3D reproduction of rallies and projection of additional elements.

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Embedded IoT solutions during the Route du Rhum!

Orange is developing solutions capable of collecting information about navigation at sea through a satellite link in order to share it with the public, via a web platform and a chatbot.

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Edge Video Analytics reveals the intelligence of networks of the future

Edge Video Analytics: an experiment conducted by Orange at the Roland-Garros French Open which anticipates the intelligence and power of networks of the future.

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Holotennis, the future of sport where virtual and augmented reality meet

Tennis takes on a whole new dimension with Holotennis by allowing players to face each other remotely in a virtual space while other people watch the match while it’s broadcasted through an augmented reality device. Hologram duel Developed in partnership with the start-ups Emissive and Mimesys, the solution provides an immersive experience with two people […]

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Did you know?

Sport is gaining ground in videogames and has generated revenue of 500 million dollars globally in 2016, including 50 million in France. Sources: SNJV, Deloitte – Les chiffres-clés du secteur du jeu vidéo en France – eSports: bigger and smaller than you think