Our lives are being changed by the access we have to digital networks. The majority of the world’s population now has mobile coverage and half of it uses the Internet. From mobile networks like 5G and fibre connections to the very high-speed infrastructures installed around the world; from the depths of the ocean floor to outer space, explore the innovations that are transforming our interconnected world.

With 5G Video Transmission, Live Truly Does Mean Live

Live video transmission over 3G networks has revolutionized the way the media works. Aviwest is shaping the future of live video and has been working with Orange since 2008. Today, 5G is taking this technology to a new level, with the sports world taking a keen interest in these developments.
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A group of friends watching a match on TV
Illustration du graphène

Graphene, an innovation accelerator for the optoelectronics of tomorrow

Male and female IT engineers checking servers in server room with help of tablet

Padus Lab: Bolstering the Energy Efficiency of the Networks of the Future

Une personne analysant des données en réalité augmentée sur sa tablette

Quality of Service on Mobile Networks: What Data and AI Promise


A Lab for Testing the Benefits of Edge Computing on a 5G Network