Our lives are being changed by the access we have to digital networks. The majority of the world’s population now has mobile coverage and half of it uses the Internet. From mobile networks like 5G and fibre connections to the very high-speed infrastructures installed around the world; from the depths of the ocean floor to outer space, explore the innovations that are transforming our interconnected world.

White Paper: Sustainability-focused Mobile Technologies for 2030 and Beyond

• In a new white paper on mobile communications for the decade 2030–2040, the Orange Group argues that society needs to be a stakeholder in the design of the networks of the future.
• This approach is part of a global rationale of sustainability.
• Research Program Manager Marie-Hélène Hamon discusses the dynamics of innovation in mobile network technologies, the importance of societal dialogue and some of the expected technical developments.
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Cover of the white paper about future network technology - couverture du livre blanc réseaux du futur

The Easy-to-Deploy LatenceTech Solution Measures Connectivity Performance

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Quarks: decentralized and blockchain-secured instant messaging

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L4S, a technological base to bring low latency networks to life

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GettyImages - radio propagation - AI IA

Optimal Mobile Coverage with Data and AI

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Livebox 6 et Livebox 7 côte à côte - Livebox 6 and Livebox 7 - photo Natacha Mojaisky side by side

XGS-PON: The New Generation of Very High Broadband with the Livebox 7

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