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Immersive Technologies White Paper: Exploring the Responsibility of Metaverses

• French-speaking stakeholders within the ecosystem contributed to a white paper in which they summarize the responsible uses and impacts of immersive technologies (metaverse, XR, etc.).
• They predict how important these technologies could be to health, education, training and entertainment through an adapted approach (accessibility by design), new mechanisms and a change in the law.
• They call for a reexamination of the complex way in which carbon footprint is measured, and argue that this measure should be incorporated into a holistic approach that includes other environmental impacts.
• The most significant potential progress cited: “Exploring the possibility of a non-territorialized self-governance specific to immersive technologies: a regulation “in metaverses and made by metaverses,” with values, laws, police and a justice system.”
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AI: architects and urban planners face a cultural challenge

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GettyImages - vagues de chaleur et technologie - heatwaves and technology

Heatwaves: how technology is affected by soaring temperatures

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Finance and AI: “there will be a shift in the types of jobs that are available”

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Livebox 6 et Livebox 7 côte à côte - Livebox 6 and Livebox 7 - photo Natacha Mojaisky side by side

XGS-PON: The New Generation of Very High Broadband with the Livebox 7

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