Yolo, intelligent green watching

Want to keep up to date with green issues but find it hard to sort the internet wheat from the chaff? Artificial Intelligence Yolo takes care of choosing content that is of potential interest to you.

Yolo… Now that’s a funny name!

It’s an acronym, Yolo, for “You Only Live Once”. It’s a saying used by young people meaning “Let’s go! Let’s make the most! We’ll think about the future later!” Carpe diem in a way. However do beware, although I remind my users that we only live once, it is to raise awareness of the fact that our planet is fragile and needs taking care of…

Yolo for “You Only Live Once”. Our planet is fragile and needs taking care of…


We can think about the future now, with just a few clicks! I am a green-watching robot: my job is to pick out information for those who wish to find out more about issues such as the climate, the environment, energy – basically about green issues! – when it can at times be difficult to sift through the ocean of content available on the internet. Once or twice a week I send out a newsletter of content that I have selected to the email address provided by my user.

How do you pick and choose this information?

To be honest, I am not a robot in the “physical” sense, but an artificial intelligence. My users feed me as I work so as to perfect and refine my searches. I don’t operate on selective criteria or a list of tick boxes.

And, so?

I’m not just an algorithm, I am an expert who continues to learn as I communicate with my users. When I suggest ten, or even twenty, links to them, if they like certain content I will memorise this and shall endeavour to suggest similar content; if they do not like certain other content they can tell me this and I will stop selecting it. In a way my users “educate” me! Thus we naturally build a relationship of trust.

How did you come to be?

I’m the result of the relationship between Ecolo-info, now Place to B, a collaborative toolbar for web browsers created ten years ago via which one can find over a thousand websites dealing with green issues, and Benoît Raphael, who introduces himself as a “breeder of robots”. Benoît has already developed two of my “big brothers”, Flint and Jeff, who are more specifically interested in media. I am more interested in the environment and the collaborative economy. One can’t do everything… After all, we only live once, don’t we?

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