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Well-known in the world of cloud computing, the “as a service” trend is now reaching networks. With Network as a Service (NaaS), service providers are offering a subscription-based global solution for networks and their associated services that is easily usable by the customer’s IT service. Companies thus no longer need to invest in equipment – […]

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CES 2021 characterised by the pandemic

The 2021 edition of CES was particular in both style and content. Due to the pandemic, the Las Vegas CES was held entirely online this year, with the digital version losing much of the charm of this prestigious gathering of all things digital, one of the main attractions of which consists in wandering from stand […]

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Satellite internet, connectivity on the rise

Satellite technology promises to provide internet access regardless of the location, out at sea, in the desert, atop a mountain, or in the open countryside. This can help reduce the digital divide in areas with low coverage from terrestrial technologies, all the while providing high internet speed and a high level of service reliability. The […]

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Remote working put to the test during lockdown: what lessons can we learn for remote working in the future?

Recent analyses from the French Statistical Office for Labour and Employment (DARES) [1] are a reminder of the low rate of remote working in France. In 2017, only 3% of employees worked remotely at least one day a week, where this is understood as a form of work organisation that: requires the use of digital […]

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Benefits and challenges of a machine learning system in managing email overload at work

The growth of email use at work since the 1990s has resulted in a continual increase in the number of messages exchanged. Many studies on this increase have shown the adverse consequences on workers and their performance (“cognitive overload”, interruptions, fragmentation of work, or stress [1, 2]). To reduce these consequences, many technological and organizational […]

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A currency to boost collective practices at the company

Local currencies, distinguishable from speculative currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, usually set out to promote systems for local exchange and giving while limiting debt. According to the economist Bernard Lietaer, “when well designed, it creates exactly the amount of currency needed to complete transactions that otherwise would not have taken place”. In addition to local […]

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Digital Professional Reflection — Get to know yourself!

What is a Digital Professional Reflection? It is the list of characteristics that describes who you are as a company employee (see image to the right). This digital description is obtained via Natural Language Processing of employee data, such as files on their drives, mailboxes or data from specific business applications (collaborative network, SharePoint, etc.) […]

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When AI shows up at your remote meetings

The “Future Meeting Experience”, presented at the 2019 Orange Research Exhibition, simulates a meeting where people can actively participate using content relayed to their smartphones.

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Read, write, count… and now code?

The essayist Laurent Alexandre and the director of the school Frédéric Bardeau discuss the value of teaching coding.

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Anca Boboc, sociologist at Orange

A sociologist at Orange Lab's social sciences laboratory (SENSE), Anca Boboc is looking at the uses of digital technology within companies.

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Five professions augmented by innovation

According to a recent study by MIT and Boston University, the introduction, in the United States, of 1 robot for 1,000 employees leads to the loss of 5 to 6 jobs. Enough to once again support the idea that progress destroys jobs. A fear that is as old as progress itself. Meanwhile in France, the Employment […]

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Did you know?

80% of employees think that digital transformation saves them time and 72% see gains in efficiency. Source: Digital Workplace