How 5G Is Revolutionizing Live Streaming

Nowadays, live streaming TV over the Internet is part of our daily lives — especially at home using Wi-Fi. Imagine if you could also seamlessly live stream in the car, at a train station or even on the train. Thanks to 5G and technologies such as multicast, live streaming TV on the go is becoming a reality.
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“In the future, with 5G and multicast technologies, it will be possible to watch a soccer match in HD quality on your smartphone with no interruptions during a train or car journey.”

Quantum technologies: small scale, big destiny

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Illustration of a researcher analyzing semiconductor materials

Semiconductors, a strategic issue for the economy and innovation

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Un homme branche une fibre dans une armoire informatique

The Growing Transmission Capacities of Multicore Fiber

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Chatbots are redefining interactions between customers and advisors

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Video Compression: A Neural Network Challenging the Conventional Approach

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