Translation professions doomed by artificial intelligence, really?

● The sudden advent of improved large language models is a concern in many trades, notably in the translation professions, where they could pave the way for major change.
● For subtitlers, literary translators and conference interpreters, innovations in AI have raised many questions about the future, and in particular with regard to the economic model of their professions.
● The integration of these artificial intelligence technologies could result in distorted translations, dumbed down languages and, worse still, cultural impoverishment.
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AI ethics

Ethics and AI: 2023 heralds “a Wild West era in generative AI”

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Getty Images - blockchain and SDGs

Blockchains and SDG: from decentralized identity to microfinancing for farmers

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What The Smartphone Does To Our Various Forms Of Attention

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Bridging or widening the digital divide: the challenge of AI in Africa

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Getty Images - Face aux fake news, les pouvoirs publics financent des arsenaux IA

Public authorities fund AI arsenal to combat fake news

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Getty Images - young scientist using a digital tablet while working with crops on a farm

Technology against food waste

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