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MWC 2021: Stand-alone 5G Reduces Latency for Industry 4.0 Ecosystems

The small robot moves around the demo area easily, controlled remotely via the 5G SA (StandAlone) network. Suddenly, its gestures become slower, its interaction deteriorates and there is a bigger delay between the order and the action: latency is at play. For demonstration purposes, data traffic was artificially increased on the network, creating congestion. Nonetheless, […]

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Behavioural objects in the home: laying the foundations

Home robots The most well-known animated objects are automata and their successors, robots. Over the last twenty years, robotics has begun to invade our daily lives through new “service robots”. Within the home, you find robots for remote working, domestic robots (vacuum cleaners and mowers) and security robots. While numerous claims about companion robots were […]

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5 cutting-edge technologies that are changing the game

Energy: blockchain is speeding up microgrids The features of blockchain could be a lever for modernising the energy system. Blockchain enables the distributed, secure, transparent recording and storage of energy and transaction flows. It can be used to track energy consumption in real time or to have knowledge of the asset portfolios of all participants. […]

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Connected field robots ease the burden for farmers

For millennia, agricultural revolutions have had decisive impacts on the life and well-being of human societies. Gradual improvements in knowledge, tools and techniques, and occasional technological breakthroughs, have made it possible to feed larger populations: the development of the plough around the 1st millennium BC; the rise of windmills around 1000 AD; the techniques of […]

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TwinswHeel, the robot that carries your shopping

TwinswHeel is offering robots for carrying heavy loads at industrial sites and for individuals in urban areas.

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Blockchain: facilitating secure sharing of data among robots

A research project that should enable artificial intelligences which control robots to share data via a blockchain.

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Did you know?

France is ranked 5th in value in terms of global exports of robots (209.4 million dollars), behind Japan, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. Source: Business France

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Ub-y, the “in real life” robot

As it can sometimes be difficult to stay connected with family or friends on a daily basis, Suitable Technologies has developed Ub-y, a telepresence robot that allows you to hold conversations with your loved ones while it moves around their home. It’s as if you were there “In Real Life”, or almost. Hello Ub-y. Your name […]

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TicBot, the tool which translates our digital tics

The TicBot – as its name suggests, comes from “tic” and “bot” (robot) – is manufactured according to the “Do It Yourself” principle. It measures our digital activity, turns it into data, then makes it tangible… it also lets us know about occasionally excessive use. This funny little data object was created in a space known […]

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Very human robots

“What would it take for a thing to go from being merely humanoid to actually human? “, wondered recently the American magazine New Republic in a fascinating article on the quest of the human rights of a sensitive robot. Should he be able to create works of art, arouse emotions, or even to express them? With […]

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Did you know?

With 127 per 10,000 employees, France ranks 14th in the world in terms of the number of industrial robots.